Head and neck rushes

Hi I haven't been diagnosed yet but I have all the symptoms of thyroid issues and when it was tested 3 months ago after having my daughter, my TsH showed low. I get rushes to be head and a really pronounced neck and chest pulse and palpitations. Whenever I bend over or sit down I get a horrible rush to the face type sensation and I've had so many tests and scans and nobody can explain it. I have had sinus pressure for around 2 years and a blocked ear sensation as well as chills, difficulty swallowing, enlarged neck gland, tightness in chest and throat just to name a few. It's this rush and palpitations really scaring me at the moment.

I'm seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow- what should I ask to be tested for? Does anyone had these symptoms?

Thanks so much.

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Did you have nitrous oxide , ie gas and air during the delivery?

No it was a planned caesarean. I did with my first 3 years ago but had an emergency section in the end. I wondered if hormones could cause these symptoms.

Hi nickster20 hopefully endo will test T4, and t3 and tsh and also ask for antibodies to be checked as your symptoms sound a bit like hyperthyroidism and that would make tsh low. and t3/t4 high in range.

some of your symptoms are the same as mine were when I was diagnosed with Graves disease I put mine down to menopause at the time so always best to have them checked out.hope all goes well tomorrow.

Thanks for your reply. Which of the symptoms? Have you ever heard of the blocked neck sensation and head rush with sinus pressure before with thyroid issues?

I have endometriosis so I'm not sure how much of that is contributing.

I used to get palpitations in chest and feeling of racing pulse in neck and my face used to go hot,just the face and body was normal temperature,it was a very weird sensation. I had a swelling in my neck it was a goitre which is where the thyroid swells, mine went down once I was on medication.i used to have sinus problems and doc says it was unknown allergies so I took hayfever tabs for it to stop nose running, that's also went once I was on medication.do you get micro tremors? These are common in hyperthyroidism I couldn't even sign my name when I was diagnosed but everyone is different and we all have different symptoms. Have you looked at the list of symptoms for hypo and hyper on thyroid UK there are quite a few, worth a look.make a list of your symptoms to take with you tomorrow as it's easy to forget some when you have alot .

I will definitely take a list, thank you. It may not be related to thyroid at all, I just have so many symptoms and have been to so many specialists I don't know where else to go. Having had hormonal issues in the past I presumed I could be sensitive these kind of things. I saw the endocrinologist a few months ago and my tsh was 0.6- this is in the normal range but surely it's low and could be causing symptoms? Any idea?

I don't have swelling at the front, just a hard swollen lymph gland at the other side behind my ear.

Thanks so much.

It is also worth getting your Vit B12, Vit D, Folate and Iron (ferritin) checked as these can cause similar symptoms to thyroid and things like iron deficiency can cause palpitations and B12/folate can cause strange sensations. Check your blood pressure also :-)

I'll ask him about all these things, thank you. I have so many symptoms I think the doctors think I'm making them all up. It's so frustrating,

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