Still have thyroid/neck pain

6 months ago i posted about a pain in my thyroid. Recently it has started again and i still have a swollen node on the same side which hasnt gone down! Im sure the right side of my thyroid is bigger than the left and the pain goes from my collerbone up to around my ear and head. I get sharp pains too in both sides but more on the right.

I was freaking aboit lymphoma, however now im starting to think maybe it is thyroid cancer?? I have a doctors appointment on the 15th nov so i will make her feel my neck and i will tell her about my symptoms. Ive never had an ultrasound and my endo has discharged me!

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  • Emily where is the swollen node? Under ear,collarbone,under front chin or on thyroid?

  • Like under my jaw, the ones that swell with a sore throat

  • But it is only on the right side, it is moveable but just feels bigger than what it should be

  • Hi Emilychazza98

    I get pain anywhere from my ears to the actual thyroid. Mine can be uneven or even. The main contributory to it is how much Nat Dedicated Thryoid I took that day , if I haven't had enough that day I will get it. I asked the GP and he felt it's my poor old Thryoid gland getting smacked with a high TSH signal and trying to respond. You could try taking and extra 25mcg of Levo for a few days and see if it gets better. Be interested in what you discover.


  • That kind of explains it because i keep forgetting to take my meds. Sounds bad i know but i just completely forget some days! Ill start making sure i remember and see if it goes. I think i might request an untrasound aswell since ive never had one

  • I have permanent swelling on Rt side of neck which flares up and causes pain and swelling.Like you I was concerned so Gp sent me for ultrasound they said swelling was a lymph node and I queried why it seems to be permanently like this? his reply probably due to your very inflammatory thyroid .So need to speak to Gp as Levo obviously not reducing inflammation !

  • I have the same discomfort as you mention and it scares me too.

    I had a large cyst on my thyroid earlier this year but after my FNA it apparently resolved and went away. I also had an ENT camera up my nose and they found nothing. However I am left with a permanent sore throat, yukky mucous all the time, a swollen node on the left, discomfort in my neck under the node (left side) and a sore collarbone.

    For me I am yet to receive any help because all my levels are within 'normal limits' (yawn!).

    I am waiting to see a naturopath because I don't know where to start.


  • Gland update:

    After going to the doctors a few weeks back, he felt my thyroid and said it feels normal. But my gland felt swollen. He sent me away, and asked me go back today.

    This morning i went and he said hes concerned as to why it hasnt gone down, he felt my other glands and said he cant understand why it us still there. He has put me on antibiotics for a week and has referred me to the ent. He mentioned cancer to me and said my gland feels firm like a jelly bean, not like a jelly baby.

    Could one single node equal cancer? It does ache?

  • Hi, just wondered where you are at now with your lumpy gland/node? I have similar symptoms x

  • The lump in my neck went down a little after I had an impacted wisdom tooth out. And I'm guessing the ache in my neck was all in my head as it is only there if I think about it.

  • Wow sounds like you had a lucky escape!! X

  • Has anyone got experience of treatment at The Spire Hospital in Leeds? Weighing up private vs NHS....

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