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Neck and Chest Pain

Hi all,

Is anybody else suffering from strange chest and neck pain? This feels more like a muscle pain since it only gets worse while opening the chest . it is worse in the mornings. They checked me for heart diseases, a lot of blood tests xrays and ultrasound but nothing came out. I have been having this for a year, it's mainly chest but most of the time accompanied by neck pain. Diclofenac relieves the pain and discomfort but doctor told me I shouldn't take it because I have poor circulation it can cause heart attack.

i am desperate to find out what this is and doctors can't really diagnose.

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Hi missymystique, I used to get awful chest/neck/rib/breast pain, really bad first thing in morning, just breathing deeply used to hurt. I then found out that my vitamin D level was very low. Since getting my level of vitamin D up, the pain has gone.


hi Annie. Thanks for the comment. However I get very good supplements so I should not be low on vitamin d.


Missymystique, It's worth looking a vitD and ferritin levels. Low vitD and iron can cause musculoskeletal pain.


thanks Clutter! I have very low iron indeed, however I can't get proper supplements in Holland without doctor's approval( max I can get is 15 mgs) and they think ferritin level 19 is normal (range starts from 18)


Missymystique, would you be able to order Ferrous Fumarate online from Amazon or and import them to Holland?

Alternatively, get a Cambodian iron fish

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will check this now! thanks!


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