results after a month, still not feeling good but everything shows normal

so my results came in from yesterday and these are my new level.

t3 total- 112 (80-180)

ft3 - 3.5 ( 2.3-5.0)

vitamin b12-1228 (182-803)

ft4 - 1.36 (0.61 -1.12)

tsh 1.06 ( 0.346-4.6)

this is my new results after a month. am i converting my t4 to t3 well? I started taking armour thyroid 60mg from today ( i was taking synthroid 88mcg). is it a proper conversion from synthroid 88mcg to armour thyroid? thanks!

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  • my month old blood report

    tsh - 8.15 (0.34-4.6)

    b12 165 (182-803) . these was all checked when i was on levo generic 50mcg and now i have started taking synthroid 88mcg.

    ft3- 3.3 (2.3-5.0)

    tt4-100 (80-180)

  • I'm afraid your question really isn't very clear. I can't work out if you're taking Synthroid or NDT. One time you say one, then you say the other. But, whatever it is, you would appear to need an increase.

    Impossible to say if you're converting T4 to T3 correctly. For one thing, I can't work out if you were taking synthroid or NDT when the labs were done. And, for another thing, you did the test too soon. You should wait at least six weeks from an increase in dose.

    Sorry I can't be any more help than that. :)

  • thanks for your reply greygoose and I'm very sorry for inadequate information. this was my lab result when i was taking levothyroxin 50mcg

    tsh - 8.15 (0.34-4.6)

    b12 165 (182-803)

    ft3- 3.3 (2.3-5.0)

    tt4-100 (80-180)

    so after seeing this result my doctor put me on 88mcg synthroid and after taking it for a month, this is my result

    t3 total- 112 (80-180)

    ft3 - 3.5 ( 2.3-5.0)

    vitamin b12-1228 (182-803)

    ft4 - 1.36 (0.61 -1.12)

    tsh 1.06 ( 0.346-4.6)

    I figured that I'm not converting properly. I know 1 month is very less but I had been taking levo for a long time but My T3 was never higher than that. I have started taking armour 60 mg but idk if its enough or not . My gp doesn't know much about armour so it's very confusing

  • Well, it wasn't really possible to tell how you were converting on those labs because either you didn't have the right ones done (on 50 mcg) or you hadn't been taking it for long enough (on 88 mcg). But, 88 mcg is such a stupid little dose that you obviously weren't taking enough. Your doctor doesn't know anything about thyroid at all, does he.

    So, anyway, converting or not, you are now on one grain of NDT, right? But, that is unlikely to be enough. So, if you've been on that for more than 2 weeks, I would increase by half a grain, if I were you. :)

  • nope he doesnt know anything. and yes I'm on one grain now but isn't that already a lot for me since all my levels are in range except for my free t3? thanks letting me know about taking another half a grain. i was thinking the same based on how i would feel after 2 weeks

  • Your FT3 is THE only important number.

    When you're taking NDT, the TSH and FT4 don't count. That's for people taking T4 only.

    And, it's not just a question of being 'in range', it's where in the range you fall, that counts.

    And, your FT3 is only just on the cusp of mid-range. Most people need it up the top of the range to feel well.

    So, no, 1 grain is not a lot for you, by any means. Try another half grain, and see how you feel. :)

  • thanks a lot greygoose. your words really help me with staying positive. I really appreciate it a lot!

  • You're welcome. :)

  • hi greygoose just one quick question. I Started taking 1 grain armour 5 days ago should I start taking 1.5 grain like you said earlier?

  • If I were you, I would wait a bit longer. I thought you'd been taking it for longer than 5 days when I said that. Best to wait until you've been on it for two weeks. Give your body time to get used to the T3.

  • thanks again!

  • When you are on T3 then that is the only result that tells you anything. On Levo you were just not taking enough. But it's too early, as greygoose has said to test after a short time. You need to be more patient I'm afraid.

  • thanks for your response silverfox. Do you think i should still take synthroid 88mcg for another month? I haven't been feeling good on synthroid so I decided to take armour thinking it would make a difference. sometimes i think its making me worse with my brainfog

  • Hi hyposse, what Grey goose said about the six week wait between dose changes...Hard, I know. Swip - swapping can confuse matters too. If you have started taking one grain of Armour, then you have already upped you dose a bit. Either stick with the slightly raised dose of levo until the six weeks is up, or stick with the grain of Armour for six weeks. On levo your t4 might be higher in ratio to t3 and vice versa with dessicated thyroid. It looks like you're on the early part of the winding path towards optimal replacement and some folks have a harder time than others. Keep checking in here with progress as well as keeping an eye on your GPs dosing, and lab results. You'll get there but don't rush it...Been there and done that, and it's a B to go back to go. One thing I don't understand is the leap in serum b12, assume you have been supplementing, or a typo? And, as is always recommended, check your baseline levels of vits and mins. Loads of info on the Thyroid UK site as well as other posts. My next comment comes from personal experience and not necessarily correct, but i would try still sticking with levo while you are in upping phase to make sure it's not just a low dose that is causing your malaise. At least you will have a baseline to work from before adding in or swapping.

  • hi thanks for your response helbell i really appreciate it. so should i stick to my synthroid that I was taking but slightly higher dose than 88mcg( the one which i was taking)? my levels on 88 mcg shows that i have enough ft4. in fact its slightly higher than the range. doesn't it mean that i have enough t4 already? and I was taking b12 supplement(10000 mcg) daily along with monthly b12 shots. it got up really high withing a month. also does taking higher dose of synthroid helps in higher t3? thanks a lot again helbell, it helps a lot.

  • Stick to the 88 mcg and arrange test for the six week check. If you have already exceeded six weeks on that dose you need to speak to your GP about symptoms and lab results. Your t3 could be a little higher and TSH could be lower. However, it's good news if your GP has only recently decided to raise to 88, so fingers x'd they are on it and leave well alone until six weeks. Don't go underground against your GP unless and until it's absolutely necessary. But I feel it is perfectly appropriate for you to monitor progress with private lab tests if you wish to. My GP is an er-on-the- lowest-dose-it's-mainly anxiety-type but, to be fair, is happy to consider my private lab results too. Only having half knowledge and seeing wonderful stories about other protocols will risks confusing you at this stage.

    You can always update your progress in successive posts, many here are more knowledgeable than GPS.

    I take it you have PA, and replacement doesnt always alleviate symptoms in the early stages of replacement. If you haven't already done so, join the PA group. A lot of them are Hypot too.

    For more questions about your latest results I suggest starting a new post headed with help for lab results. Followed with clear readings and dates taken, plus current dose and when it was raised to 88. And symptoms. That will help members to comment on your levels. If there is anything amiss they will soon pick it up. These lists tend to rapidly disappear down the thread and regular admin and helpers are busy with lots of requests.

  • also my gp was prescribing me 90mg armor to replace my synthroid 88 mcg which i figured is not the right conversion or is it? on the basis of what i read on the conversion chart 90 mg= 150 mcg synthroid. is the conversion really valid?

  • When before or after the levo. We need a timeline. You're right. Equates to 150. A safer leap would be 25 mcg or equivalent of.

  • Ah..Get it. You readjusted the armour dose as of today because of your concerns over conversion error. That sounds more like it but what is your GP doing swapping about! Question the leap ASAP You'll soon know if they know what they are doing....On the upside, a GP prescribing armour..crickey!

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