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Thyroid results back still feeling low!

New test results - TSH 1.86 Ref range=(0.40-4.50), T4Free 0.8 (0.8-1.8) T3Free 2.1(2.3-4.2)

T3 Reverse 10 (8-25) Thyroglobulin antibodies 2(<or=1) Thyroid Per Anti 106 (<9)

Any feedback would be appreciated. Taking WP Thyroid 81.25mg increased to 97.5mg. Have changed my diet to autoimmune paleo. Also ferritin tested at 29 (20-288).

Still experiencing hair loss, saddness and loss of energy.

Thank you very much!!

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Linda, those results are too low as you can see so it's no wonder with a free T3 of 2.1 and under range you feel symptomatic. Your antibodies are not that high, did they say you had hashimoto's? I've been watching a Webinar for the past few days and posted some of the remarks. Your ferritin is EXTREMELY LOW and makes it difficult to use and convert T4 which is also at the bottom of the range. I learned that your brain is not getting enough oxygen if your hemoglobin is also low. You've run out of iron. B12 is probably another deficiency you have. Did they test B12? I would start supplementing anyway as you are in dire need and folate should be taken as well as other B vitamins. Get a D with K2 supplement. What I've learned about iron supplements is they may create more inflammation so there is a bit of controversy about it perhaps someone else can comment. You certainly seem to need a raise in dose if the last one was more than two weeks ago. I think you will do well when properly medicated.


Thank you for responding. I have had low iron most of my life. Very heavy periods...of course at 63 haven't had one in over 14 years. Did need a B12 shot a few years ago was very low. So good suggestion to check on and supplement. Taking D3 K2 and some other supplements.

So keeping my fingers crossed that this increase in meds work.

Have a wonderful day!


Linda, I've been posting notes from the SIBO summit and I wish you could listen to Dr. Kharrazian's interview regarding anemia. This is so critical to manage. If you go to Facebook SIBO SOS, Dr. K is in the first day of interviews. It will only be on today (although they often extend things).

Izabella had a summit a few weeks ago and listening to doctors who know what they are doing is such a relief and assure us there may be some help out there. Your heavy periods were probably due to thyroid/adrenal problems back then.

I often post videos by Dr. John Bergman on You Tube. Watch his video on thyroid/adrenal, he has many of them. Here is a short one about TPO antibodies so you understand why yours are slightly high.

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You are undermedicated. Plus you have Hashimotos Thyroditis so great that you have switched over to the auto immune paleo diet.

Read Dr Datis Khazzarian books plus Izabella Wentz Hashimotos Protocol if you haven't already.

Ferritin is so low, really should be mid range. Talk to Dr about this.

You need Folate, vitamin D and B12 tested as likely to be low too.


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Thank you so much!!

I am going to look for those books today. I have heard a lot about Izabella Wentz.


You are under medicated. Most people need T3 & T4 to be in the upper quarter of the range, to feel well.

Your ferritin is way too low. Do you have test results for your b12, vit d, & folate as well? These need to be optimal (not just in range) for you to have healthy brain function & to be able to absorb any thyroid mess.

Re post once you have all the results, so people can advise.


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