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Latest blood test results

Hi folks

My latest blood test results are below also showing my first test on 5/7/16 (when first diagnosed) and follow-up tests on 24/8/16.

I started on 25mcg of levo, upping the dose to 50mcg after the August tests.

TSH July 9.8 Aug 5.55 Today 2.59 (0.17 - 4.5 mcU/ml)

T3 free July not tested Aug 3.15 Today 2.80 (1.4 - 4.4 pg/ml)

T4 free July 0.93 Aug 0.91 Today 1.21 (0.70 - 2.0 ng/dl)

Vit B12 has gone up from 354 in July to 1092 today (180 - 850 pg/ml)

I'm not sure of the optimum levels of T3 and T4 free. T3 has gone down but T4 has gone up.

I haven't had anything else tested as I live in Spain and as I am currently not on the NHS here (but hoping too before too long) I have to pay privately which is costing quite a bit. So I will be tested again next March privately (unless I can get it done for free sooner than that, but what that will entail and how good they are here at testing and interpreting the results is another matter). My private Dr has said not to increase the levo but then she said that after August's results until I told her I thought I should!

Daily I take 1000mcg of Vit B12 , 200mg of chelated magnesium (it was 2.4 out of a range 1.9-2.8mg/dl in Aug), plus a vit B complex and Vit D3 (last tested July 38 ng/ml, in normal range) every other day.

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Your TSH is still in the upper half of the reference range. It needs to be lower in the range e.g. about 1 or lower.

Your Free T3 is in the lower half of the range and needs to be higher.

Your Free T4 is in the lower half of the range and needs to be higher.

So - conclusion - you need more Levo. :)

Your B12 is fine. You might want to reduce the number of days you take your B12 supplement to once or twice a week and see what that does to your levels, or perhaps stop altogether for a while. Otherwise you are just peeing away money.

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Thank you! At least the results are going in the right direction. Do you think I should up it to 75mcg of levo?

Yes I am going to reduce the vit B12 and then see how I am next time around.


Yes, increase to 75mcg. I hope your doctor agrees without an argument. :)


Lat time I just told her that I think I should up the dose and she didn't object, so I shall try again. It is a private Dr I don't suppose she minds one way or another!


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