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Mineral analysis - hair

I'm stable on 2 grains and am taking some great supplements

The hair analysis showed I am low in selenium , magnesium and wielded some other great information .

I'm very pleased to be taking a wonderful multi nutrient , krill

Oil, a probiotic , zinc, vitamin c etc and I feel really well (will attempt a progesterone test today)

Do consider ....

Happy Christmas to you all .

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What is a multi-nutrient? If it's the same as a multi-vitamin, you are wasting your money.

Merry Christmas. :)

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It's by a company called foresight and they specialise in analysing and providing the right minerals for conception - all the contents are natural and it's actually a very well researched company based in the U.K.

The multi contains all the important ones for thyroid and female health and I feel very supported .

I would have taken folate and vit d in any case but I wouldn't necessarily have addressed the deficiencies . Instead of taking any old multi vitamin off the shelf this is a package recommended specifically for where I'm lacking and I feel very comfortable with their help .

In 3 months I will retest and be able to see and address any remaining deficiencies and imbalances and this way I am doing all I can and coming at it from an informed place .. They also offer full hormone panels .

Getting the balance right and addressing all the issues before trying for a baby is the objective .

Hair mineral analysis drills down into specifics and I used it on my last pregnancy so I was taking what was needed .

So it's totally different !

Thanks for the opinion though .


Is the company the same that provide the tests and the supplements?


Yes it is Natchap.

I used Trace in the past but they were US based and whilst the analysis and health report was useful I wasn't able to pick up the phone and have the ongoing support.

Also this company's products are totally natural and the ladies are very knowledgeable .

What I've found especially helpful is that they even specify when to take the supplements considering absorption and any contra indications .

I was recommended them by a number of health aware friends .

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Yes let us know how things have changed in the next three months


Natchap - forgot to mention that they are a charity and work with nutritional therapists taking a holistic approach .

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I googled Natchap and nothing came up about a chrity. Is that it's full title?


It's a charity called Foresight ( specialises in conception and fertility )


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