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hair mineral analysis test results have come back. any advice?

Your hair mineral analysis report is attached. This is reported as showing high calcium levels.

The correlation between hair and blood levels of minerals is not well established. If you would like confirmation of these findings then I recommend checking the blood levels of the affected minerals.

Your hair loss could be investigated further with an Essential Blood Ultravit Test, Testosterone and red cell Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium tests . This includes a check on your calcium levels.

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Minerals result low high

Calcium 4844 200 2800

Magnesium160 60 160

Phosphorus 160 100 200

Sodium225 50 1000

Potassium275 50 300

Iron 17.3 5.0 30.0

Copper14 10 100

Zinc209 160 240

Chronium0.26 0.10 1.50

Manganese0/60 0.20 2.00

Selenium0.56 0.40 2.00

Cobalt0.03 0.01 0.20

Toxic metals result reference interval

Aluminum 9<50




Mercury 0,29 <1.00


Hair element ratiosPercentile 2.5th 97.5th

Calcium/Magnesium 30: 1 3.6:1 36.3:1

Calcium/Phosphorous30.3:1 1.8:1 21.3: 1

Sodium/Potassium0.8: 1 0.4:1 3.4:1

Zinc/Copper14.9: 1 2.1:1 18.:1

Zinc/Lead581:1> 104: 1

Zinc/Cadium6967: 1> 1989:1

Selenium/cadium18.7:1> 5.8: 1

Selenium / Mercury1.9: 1> 0.5: 1


You have low copper and high zinc. If you are supplementing with too much zinc it will lower you copper level. These work together.


Thanks very much. Yes i have. The derm in march told me to said it was good for hair growth. I took one tablet a day. I have stopped everything until i see nutritional dr on thursdsy. Will show him these results. I have pain in both sides this past 3 days. Drinking alot of water to try and flush whatever is wrong out.


Nutritional dr today picked up on the copper. He took blood sending them to usa will take 3 weeks to get results. Said being low on copper is very bad for your health. Didnt expand. Said he takes copper bloods alot and hasnt seen them that low before. Didnt put much weight in the hair analysis. Awaitinf the results. He also testig my antibodies tsh t4 and t3 ferritin b12 ans fbc. He might prescribe me t3. Waiting on all results.


Have any of those got a blood test result to compare them to?


not the ones he is recommending other than testosterone that was done ages ago with my hormones.

I decided to get the hair done because I thought at least it shows a longer timeframe than blood. or that's what I thought in my head, plus my hair is f@@in awful I wanted to know what was missing from it.

what would cause such high calcium levels they are off the chart

just got these results back there now.

My Vitamin D is 80 got that today too from the endo


most recent blood tests thyroid and fbc, vit b12 if it helps

Ft4 16.6 pmol/l 12 -22

T4 106.5 nmoll 59 -154

Tsh 3.32 0.27 - 4.2

Ft3 4.69 pmol 3.1 -6.8

Rt3 16 ng dl 10 - 24

Peroxidase antibodies 43 0-34

Tgab 19.4 0-115

Protein 68 gl 63 -83

Vit b12 699 197 - 771

Active b12 61 25.1 -165

Haemoglobom 128 115 - 155

Hct 0.405 0.33 -0.45

Rcc 4.36 3.95 - 5.15

Mcv 92.9 80 -99

Mch 29.4 26-33.5

Mchc 316 300 -350

Rdw 12.4 11.5 - 15

Platelet count 239 150- 400

Wcc 3.7 3 -10

Neutophils 1.64 2.0 -7.5

Lymphocytes 1.60 1.2 -3.65

Monocytes 0.35 0.2 -1

Eosinphils 0.06 0.0 -0.4

Bassiphols 0.05 0.0 - 1

Ferritin 50 15 - 150

Gastric paretal cell negative

Intinsic factor antibodies 0.6


No, I'm talking about comparing blood tests for the same as you've had the hair analysis for.


You said the other day that you take Vit D. Vit D aids the uptake of calcium from food, could that possibly be why your calcium level is high?

Do you also take Vit D's important cofactors, particularly K2-MK7? The extra calcium needs to go somewhere and if it goes to arteries and soft tissues calcification may occur (kidney stones, calcification of arteries, etc). Taking K2-MK7 ensures the calcium goes to bones and teeth where it's needed and keeps it away from arteries and soft tissues.

If that was me, I would like to see a blood calcium level to compare.

I don't know enough to put any faith in hair mineral analysis. I'm not saying it's not good, just that I have no experience of it so I personally would be doing a lot of research (and probably find as many articles against it as for it).

I can't say I understand some of them, ie the ratios.

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no was just taking vitamin D, didn't know about the k2-mk7 until recently

only started taking vitamin D about 3 weeks ago


i used to up until i found out my raised peroxidase antibodies drink at least a pint of full milk a day with my cereal. Also would have 2 yogurts a day. Maybe that has caused it


Slow Oxidation

A very high hair calcium level is almost always part of a larger pattern with high magnesium, and low sodium and potassium levels. This pattern is called slow oxidation. Biochemically, it indicates sluggish adrenal and thyroid glandular activity.

It may also indicate that a person is pushing him or herself, causing adrenal depletion. This pattern is associated with a tendency for fatigue, apathy, depression, joint stiffness, low blood sugar, constipation, dry skin and hair and a low gastric hydrochloric acid level. It is also associated with impaired cell permeability, as calcium helps stabilize cell membranes.

just found this my potassium levels are high - prob because of bananas i eat but the other results are the same.


I was very interested to read this. I have recently had hair analysis done and my pattern was exactly the opposite to what you write above and they said high sodium and potassium was typical in someone who is hyper-thyroid.

However, I am hypo-thyroid and have had very high blood and saliva cortisol in the past. When my hair test was done I think my cortisol had been normal for a while. I do take T3 along side my levo and as a result my TSH is suppressed. I have just asked for some feedback from the tst provider about this as I thought it may have been giving the same picture as someone who is hyperthyroid.

I suffer from poor energy and they say I am a slow metaboliser. I wonder if that is the same as slow oxidiser? At first I thought my results fitted with what you posted but I'm confused now. Hopefully they will come back to me with some further info I can share.


What is your hair? Mine is worse than ever. Getting worse eveey day that goes by. Currrently waitin on latest thyroid results done last thursday. Only tsh and t4. Asked for thyroid medication. Depends on the outcome of these results i guess. Other sy.ptom that has got worse since posted these results is swelling in hands and arms. It happens more often. I think i have that mucin thing. I can feel thickening at the side of my palm. Around my ankle and around the base of my neck. I saw a private gp about my nexk he said this was normal. I said it wasnt for me. He said feel my skin everyone has it. Having slayered my body with fake tan for years i know all bumps and crevices and changes. This suffering is all so saddening. To have to go to work everyday and pretend you are okay is just wrong. Ive been really unhapy for 27 months. I can live with everythig but i really cannot with the hair loss.


Hey Jump1, the predominant thing is that worrying and stressing about how things are with your health is counter productive.

Seeking information is good if it empowers you to make changes that you can make and helps you come to terms with those things you cannot change. While you are waiting for information, if your loss of hair is causing you to feel negative emotions there are 2 things you can do:

1) learn about and use Mindfulness techniques such as Body Scan meditation. Loads of stuff on youtube you can watch. There is no negative religious connection with these methods, it's just about being human.

2) Also, can I suggest you have a listen to Abraham/Esther Hicks on youtube? It will help you to handle how you think about your health issues when you are not meditating :-)

To quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson " You are what you think about all day long". Its another way of saying we create our own reality.

If all this is new to you, you have the opportunity to really make a difference to how you feel. Go for it. :-)


from what I am reading it isn't a case of too much calcium being taken but rather factors like adrenal and thyroid weakness causing calcium to come out of the blood into the hair where it shouldn't be and to other areas.


thanks for this link, it will help me understand a bit more about how the hair and blood can be so different.


actually back in june 2016 - I had these results

Serum calcium 2.39Mmol/l2.1-2.6

Serum albumin47g/l35-50

Corrected calcium 2.37Nmol/l2.2-2.6


I had been taking D3 for a while and my calcium level kept rising till it was over range. I then read about K2 and started supplementing and calcium is now within range.


Nutritional dr today picked up on the copper wasnt to worried about calcium. He took blood sending them to usa will take 3 weeks to get results. Said being low on copper is very bad for your health. Didnt expand. Said he takes copper bloods alot and hasnt seen them that low before. Didnt put much weight in the hair analysis. Awaitinf the results. He also testig my antibodies tsh t4 and t3 ferritin b12 ans fbc. He might prescribe me t3. Waiting on all results.


To reply to your question regarding "hair mineral analysis test results" I suggest you contact the people at "mineralstate" If you are UK-based, the reasons being that after looking at their site they have over 50 reviews from customers, many of them are quite in depth, so may give you some clues.

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trustworthy reappraisals mineralstate.co.uk/

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