Hair loss

Just to add insult to my miserable thyroid issues my hair has thinned at an alarming rate. I've been on NDT since October, been battling with a variety of hypo symptoms you don't need a list you already know the misery it causes, my iron vit d were low so I'm on supplements, I've just started vit b12 just as a prcaustion...I am aware low iron can cause hair loss but this started in October just as I was told I had to start taking tablets.

My hair has always been so thick glossy and curly but since staring this medication it's falling out in handfuls, I've tried to be positive about it but it's my only asset, it's part of who I am and now it's just a horrid skinny greasy mess.....I am simply devastated....what can I do? I'm thinking of stopping all the medications and letting nature take its course. I'm sick of struggling on my own nobody has any real solid answers, I don't know wher to turn or who to trust anymore as everyone is's like this is epidemic and there's no cure and no hope..I'm sick of it it's the absolute last straw

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  • We are struggling with the same. Hang in there. Regenepure and Biota Botanical shampoos have helped some but it's important to keep taking the iron and vit D.

    I read an article that the RIGHT type of protein is important too. The article said that muscle protein is inflammatory and We should eat other protein sources like eggs, organ meats, fish, dairy, bone broth, and gelatin.

    I'm planning to try collagen peptides.

  • Hi

    I've similar symptoms and deficiencies and have also been on NDT since Oct. It's hard to know which problem or med is causing the hair loss (and mine has gone really oily, although skin has got really dry). I did discover that rubbing bicarbonate of soda in roots worked well as a dry shampoo and figured more natural than commercial dry shampoo sprays. I got so fed up with it I took drastic action this week and went and had my hair cut short. Its much easier to manage now and looks thicker so problem might still be there but less noticeable and makes me feel better about myself.

    I've started to use natural chemical free products around the home and toiletries and cosmetics. I love Lush and Bio D products. Lush do a really good facial product called Ultrabland, use it in place of cleanser, toner and some cases moisturiser.

  • Hi Rachael

    I noticed your comment about dry skin - mine is so dry too.

    I wonder if it's down to being undermedicated?

  • It may well be although bloods have improved slightly to mid range since being on NDT. Also have low iron and I suspect B12 and think adrenals not working wither. Also query autoimmune gastritis as have symptoms and stomach ache and nausea for past 6 months. Am trying to get iron and B12 up and had salvia test (awaiting results) so was thinking I should leave NDT dose at 3 grains until iron and B12 levels go up. My skin is mainly dry on my forehead, also spotty. Just don't know what to do for best as so much overlap in symptoms of all these possibilties.

  • Have you tried taking Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil? They might help if it is the NDT causing the loss.

    Have you had your vit D tested?

  • I used to use evening primrose but didn't see any differences and yes I also take Vit D now

  • How's your iron?

  • apparently the iron serum is borderline and something about being below a reference taking all of my results to see the haematologist on Tuesday...wish me luck eh....:-(

  • Good luck!

  • I'm sorry you're loosing hair, Bioluminence. I've been through this

    I hope that you find something that restores your hair to its previous loveliness. I found it easier to deal with it, not let hair loss rule my life and move on.

    Best to you - this is a difficult thing to come to terms with :)

  • My hair fell out in handfuls when taking T4 but slowly improved on NDT. It took about 6months to notice any real difference though. I have always had thin hair though so perhaps the effects are different for those with thicker hair.

  • Been there n there again when thyroid went under I had same spots all time n one grey hair, now hashimotos n cortisol low n allergic to the hyrdicorisone. I just had fourth surprise to me n my other three kids, well been so busy I ain't had time or energy battle get app endo then it cancled n sent g.p fir TSH, but if get there been told if ferris n ferritin, all thyroid n antibody, bits n minerals, but the two fs are a battle n a CSUSE, so got itchy sire weeping patches, started respecting as hair just fell out crazy AFYER the pregnancy all grew good everything did, told nodules but nothibg more, right to point I researched which looked further health shop was looking biotin but looked up n git what need it called bio-selinum but got Vd, c, B12, DINT KNOW IF BE ABLE TAKE, HEREE SOME RESCU ONES FOR U CURL S THAT PROB BECAME PART U IM SAME TEXTURE CURL, RIGHT FIRST NO SULPHATE BARBENS SILICOBE SLS S, I TRYING DEVA CURL THREE STEP, BEAUTIFUL RECOIKED CURLS NO PRODUCTS, great but before got that just suffered scalp treated with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, DONT WORRY I WORRIED SMELL NOT COME OUT IT DID RELIEF, N HEKPED HSIR, THIS AFTER AKL HAIR SCAKP STERIODS ECT OFF DOC, STILL SUFFERING FOUND BICARBONATE SODA MIX FOUR TIMES ON SCAKP MASSAGE N VINEGAR ORGANIC COLD PRESSED, ANY ORGANIC PURE, THEN I WAS GOING TRY WEN but curl was big part, the loss try find fix, castor oil Google it. Rosemary oil folicil regrowth, yes makes hard job but also found AG recoil but couldn't afford the rest n needed pure but wanted curls back, so far so good, try castor oil, wish had more time x but to find out mineral or vits be great n know is another effecting it. Ferrous n ferritin test, had done before but look here the b 12 good all b s but to much iron as bad to little same meds cause hair loss not right for u level, cortisol plays big part worth check, ma gp found low cortisol after locked up 2 weeks thought lost it idiots I'm saying it not that ragging. Found under, over meds screwed me, I had research inter action s to fight for them listen, never ending, need full time job, I allergic fish eggs so these things really help, I've went flax sleed bioglan stuff sea weed but sat there, kids hate it, taste fish. Anyway want u look up the castor oil Challange fir regrowth I also grabbed rosemary, one grows kills anything resorts n the rosemary helps blood circulation, Base oil, the apple cider vinegar water helped baby dry skin, shocked bicarb, love more time look after had left, great intension s some can say defo but others playing Dr really hard, look up curl deva 3 step n AG RECOILER, then the castor oil Google it, looked Wen as well, worse winter vid D need it, n we make worse tie up feel horrible not sir not curly not straight, once I used the products deva curl hope scalp handle it good stuff, loved tried AG one but not as pure nothing wash no poo conditioner n leave in Angel let dry, just some thing I TRYED looking in to, wish I had mental clarity n not just think kids get castor oil done started n get bloods n work out ourself s as per, hope u get something from this, sorry predicted text my closest struggle understand a text, just imagine I talking not reading it, just I've posted n was issue some folk dead nice says no full stops n paragraph s but love read so just preparing u, tests hormones as well, thyroid ones minerals vits, ferrite, n foliate sorry spelling, but put hair test from out in, save got keep the follicles alive until get answer, x bless, allowed a rant, especially when u not found u companion threw thick n thin it gets u, we think they see more us, but girl took HSIR Dr's then she listened, she helped x I got asked n couldn't get back or asked but if could cope taking on the NHS this past few months just had to much on. Brutal x

  • Many of us know exactly how you feel. If it's any consolation I have been bald three separate times in the summer months (easier if it had been winter). I thought my hair wouldn't return but it did, each time, slowly slowly.

    Fortunately, 2015 was the first time I had hair - not quite as thick as it used to be and I hope it doesn't drop again. It was due to another autoimmune condition.

    Try not to get too despondent but most of us know exactly how you feel and it seems there's not much hope of recovering. Many will tell you hair will grow back again and it can but we need to have thyroid meds at an optimum and ones which suit us.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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