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Iron related blood results


Recent blood test results showed relatively high vit B12 (725 ng/L; range 170-730) and transferritin saturation (44%; 20-50), under-range unsat. Fe binding (26 umol/L; 27.8-53.7) and over-range serum folate (24 ug/L; 3-19). Serum Fe is 20.4 umol/L (8-32). Following these results, Ive stopped taking vitamin B Complex and multivitamins as I dont seem to need them(?).

In trying to recover from my illness (extreme fatigue, brain fog) probably brought on by a prescribed medication stopped 7m ago, Ive questioned my thyroid. However, I understand that the thyroid needs iron to make hormone and since I have plenty of iron and ferritin, that does not seem to be a reason for a low normal level of FT4 (11.5 pmol/L; 9-25) up from 10.7 six months ago). Note TSH 1.96miu/L (0.4-4.0) up from 1.15 six months ago and PTH 2 pmol/L (1.2-5.8) up from 1.1 6m ago.

Can anyone advise on the relevance of the iron results and also the likelihood of a thyroid problem? Note I plan to have T3 and antibody tests soon.

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.

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