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Hi everyone I'm newby to site have been reading your blog's avidly for few weeks have learnt lots thank you so much. I have Graves and had Rai 6 years ago.after having treatment endo said have blood test done in six months of cause I fell ill had many visits to doctor given anti depressants still no blood test thou, had cycotic breakdown ended up in mental unit where they realised it was organic problem so transferred to hosp were I got right treatment it has taken me years to get over that. Been fine til august this year when after routine blood test doc says Tsh too low 0.10 (027_4.20) t4 20.1(11.00-22.0) but I felt fine at this level levo dose 125/100 daily.s he dropped dose to 100 daily then checked six weeks later still a bit high dropped dose to 75/100 since then feeling depressed ,brain fog joints hurting etc had another blood test done in Oct at my insistence Tsh 1.63 (0.27-4.20) t4 20.1(11.0-22.0) have managed to get doc to increase levo to 100daily as still feeling bad these test were all done after eating and medicated as didn't know at time that how they should be done doc told me that it shouldn't make any difference ,also when I asked about testing for t3 she said it was irrelevant to my type of thyroid problem and even if she asked for it the lab won't do it other tests done b12 563 (191-663) serum folate 8.8 >4.8 serum ferritin level 197.4 (13.-150.0 bone profile done all came back good magnesium 0.98(0.70-1.00) phosphate1.07 (0.80-1.50) esr10(1-10) .am also on omeprazole 10mg daily would like to get off this after reading blog's from others need some advice on how to do this.also any advice on blood test results ,having more done in mid Jan any advice would be very appreciated oh also forgot to mention have lost 4st in weight last year on 5/2 diet plan ya . Sorry for such a long blog but I just needed talk to people who know what I'm going through.

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  • Hi Raventhirne what a journey you've had well done is what springs to my mind!! Your post caught my attention because it was headed Apple cider vinegar I posted a recipe I was given by a private Dr and another on digestion you may find them interesting/useful. I think to find them look me up then what I've posted (sorry I'm not very technical)/if you can't find them Lethem know and I send again. Sorry can't help with other advice as I'm also new to thyroid but people on here will help/advuse/reply in due course

    All the best fit good health you truly deserve it x

  • Thanks for getting back so quickly I will try to find that but am also not good with techno things xx

  • Lol if used can't I can do again later no probs

  • Hi have managed to find it very interesting sure will help me a lot xx

  • Raventhorpe,

    Omeprazole is prescribed to lower stomach acid. Raw apple cider vinegar taken before meals will increase stomach acid. I don't think you should take both. Perhaps wean off Omeprazole and see how you cope before you try ACV.

    Increasing Levothyroxine to 100mcg will raise probably raise FT4 over range and will drop TSH. Some people do need FT4 slightly over range to feel well. Read Treatment Options in

    NHS won't usually test FT3 unless TSH is <0.03 as they are looking for signs of hyperthyroidism not low FT3 in hypothyroid patients. Blue Horizon Thyroid Profile Plus 6 checks TSH, FT4 and FT3 if you want to order a private test.

    ESR 10 indicates you have inflammation somewhere in the body. As you have joint pain it may be a good idea to check out vitD level. If your GP won't order vitD the Blue Horizon Thyroid Profile 11 includes vitD or you can order a separate vitD test from City Assays.

  • Thanks clutter have already started to decrease omeprazole taking every other day would it be alright to take the cider vinegar on days I'm not taking the omeprazole as do get reflux on these days thanks for links will read with interest

  • Raventhorpe,

    I think reflux may become worse if you take ACV.

  • Ok thanks clutter will wait until off the omeprazole

  • wow 😲 5st so impressed x

  • Hi speckles70 I just found the right diet that worked for me I still can't believe it worked thanks for your reply

  • I may give it another try after Xmas. I tried 5:2 along with every other diet b4 I knew I was hypo and I put weight on 😢. Still in early stages of getting meds to right levels but definitely starting to feel better so will get stuck in to giving 5:2 another go. What cals did u have on eating days? I stuck to 1200 and still gained 😒 but at least I know why it didn't work know xxx

  • You need to have meds right first so I would concentrate on that for now. As for days I wasn't fasting didn't calorie count just made sure I eating healthy diet so cut out sweet stuff and watched portion size so it didn't feel like I was on a diet every day as the daily grind of calorie counting was not for me, good luck with getting yourself to optimal meds

  • What happened with the apple cider vinegar?

  • Hi ravenjade Debsoxford has a recipe on her blog from a while back she got from a private dr which I will try when I'm off of omeprazole as clutter thinks it not good to take both at same time

  • Oh! Right on! What was the recipe for? I used to take 2 tbsp ACV, 1 tbsp honey in 6oz of water to drink twice daily for my joints. I'm fixing to start it up again since being diagnosed with RA.

    Just curious..... Thank you for replying!

  • This one is for people who don't make enough acid in stomach it's 1tsp acv 1tsp lemon juice and 1/2tsp grated ginger in half cup warm water take 5 to 10mis before food sounds like acv is good for lots of different ailments

  • I used to take apple cider vinegar with honey in the morning till i found out I had type 2 diabetes. basically the honey sent my blood sugars through the roof but they'd crash later and I'd need a sugar fix and this continued through the day. so I'd watch out for that.

  • I agree ! Anyone with diabetes has to be careful with that for sure. The honey can be omitted from the mix. I think it was an add in to lessen the bitterness of ACV.

  • None too sure what effect this product has on the body, but if you get some Honegar from Holland & Barrett it tastes a lot better.

  • Hi panda321 thanks for replying does honegar help with digestion as suffer with bad reflux when not on omeprazole

  • Really?!? I've never heard of it but sounds like an upgrade!

    Thank you!

  • I'm not an expert on this. I took it just to see if it would help while I was on levo. It didn't, but, then again, nothing else did except NDT.

    It certainly is reckoned to cure a lot of things and may help you. Doesn't taste too bad either but not something I'd want to keep taking for a long tie. Less than a fiver for ½ a litre so worth a try.

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