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Help with Blood results

Hi if anyone can help with these results I'd be really grateful. I was so all up on this a couple of years ago but forgotten it all.

Background to this had a hemi thyroidectomy a couple of years ago and once got the replacement levels right of 40mg T3 per day feeling ok until a couple of months ago. In June I had a blood test and TSH was 0.13 and doctor advised I was over replaced and thought I should consider dropping medication levels but was happy to leave where they were as I said I felt ok. All good till a couple of months ago when now feeling exhausted and also have ear ache and neck pain. Don't know if goitre grown back or remaining partial thyroid maybe inflamed. Feel something when I swallow waiting to have a scan but had these blood test results today.

TSH 0.55 (0.35-500) - not sure this a good indicator as on T£

Serum ferritin 66 (20-275)

B12 265 (180-914)

Folate 5.4 (2.7-34.0)

vit d 39 (50-150)

My question is how much could the low level of vit d be the cause of these symtoms?

Thank you for reading this far.

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The TSH is not a good indicator at all. In fact, it's totally irrelevant once you're on thyroid hormone replacement. Especially as you're on T3 only. The only relevant number is the FT3. (Sorry, what's TE? Did you mean T3?) Actually, when you're on T3, the TSH is usually suppressed, so perhaps you're not taking enough. Your doctor obviously knows nothing about thyroid.

Having said that, it's not just your vit D that is low. Your vit B12, folate and ferritin are also too low. And, B12 especially will give you terrible symptoms, resembling low thyroid.


Yes I did! had the caps lock on and 3 became £

So you think I need to supplement the others as well despite being in range? I take nutri thyroid, nutri adrenal extra and thyro complex supplements already. I might start to rattle!


'In range' is not the same as 'optimal'. It's where in the range the results fall that is important.

Vit B12 should be at least over 500. Folate and ferritin should be at least mid-range. And vit D3 should be around 100.

Do you feel that the nutri thyroid and nutri adrenal are doing you any good? If not, stop them. As for the thyro complex... What is that, anyway? If it contains iodine, it's probably doing you more harm than good. But, in any case, I doubt it is doing you any good, these things rarely do. They're just a huge money-making scam.


Yes I do find they help although looking at the thyro complex it does that some iodine in it so maybe I'll leave that off for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference. thank you for your answer

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But you still need to optimise your vit D3, vit B12, folate and ferritin. They are dangerously low.


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