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Bloods advice please, I am slowly getting better, and have a plan!

Bloods advice please, I am slowly getting better, and have a plan!

I am a Hashis sufferer, and am slowly raising my Levo dose. I have been on 75 mg Levo for 6 weeks now and as you will see from photo, my latest GP mini test shows TSH and T4 at good levels. I am also feeling a whole lot better.

My previous bloods from Blue Horizon on 2/11/2016 showed low vit D and v high ferritin (see photo)

I have been supplementing 3000 Vit D/K2/Magnesium, and zinc, Vit C Selenium and B12 (with other Bvits)since early Nov., following the excellent advice found on this site.

My plan is to retest vitamin levels early Jan, with Blue Horizon ( my GP won't do full thyroid, or vitamins, except Vit D) to see where levels are and see if ferritin is still high. Keep Levo dose at 75 for now

Could I please have advice if I am doing the right things? Is re testing vitamins/ minerals in Jan about right, should I re test with Blue Horizon for Thyroid antibodies. When should I do a thyroid profile again, or is GP mini test sufficient, as I feel well?

Apologies, the photo is a photo of the computer screen, so not super clear

Thanks so much

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I am sure you will receive very good advises to all your questions, I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your masterful excel skills. Everything laid out so neatly :)

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Your GP should retest TSH and FT4 6-8 weeks after dose was increased to 75mcg.

VitD is optimal around 100. I would increase D3 to 5,000iu for 8 weeks then reduce to 5,000iu alternate days and retest in April.

Ferritin will take a while to drop so it won't hurt to wait until April or you could show the BH results to your GP and ask for ferritin to be retested in January.

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