Had my antibodies tested the last time TPO was tested was in 2005 .. Added TGAB also .. Are they any significance?

Hi had my antibodies tested privately in London last time my TPO was tested was in 2005 ..and was at a 1000 then ... Also they did TGAB which wasn't tested before ..Would these results explain why I feel hyper when in fact my t3 t4 and TSH are good ?

Anti thyroglobulin abs 73 (0-40)

Anti thyroperoxidase abs 1990 ( 0-35)

Any info would be helpful if these are why I feel hyper when my bloods are good ?

Many thanks in advance xxxxxx

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  • Lynnwin,

    Positive thyroglobulin antibodies also indicate Hashimoto's.

    A recent Hashi flare can make you feel hyper as when lymphocytes infiltrate the thyroid gland cells dump thyroid hormone into the blood as they are killed off.

    Low iron can also make you feel hyper. tiredthyroid.com/feeling-hy...

  • Thank you clutter , I did say not to bother with the TGAB as I knew I had TPO so hashi .. Probably why I feel hyper ? But my bloods are fine ! Trouble is they don't keep a check on them so 1980 may not be high ? They could have been higher ? Does it mean if they go down the thyroid is basically burnt out ? Or will I always have them ? Will check my iron levels thank you clutter xxxxx

  • Lynnwin,

    Antibody levels fluctuate. They are highest immediately after a Hashi attack and then subside until the next attack. You're likely to have antibodies until your thyroid is dead.

  • Thanks clutter in 2005 I was hyper with TPO antibodies had meds from the hospital and then was euthyroid till 2014 then went hypo .. I thought once hypothyroid that meant it was dead ? .. Thank you for explaining .. Maybe my GP was right as I had to force his hand to give me thyroxine maybe it would have recovered ?

    Thanks so much for explaining I will know in future when I feel a bit hyper that it could be the antibody flare up !


  • Lynnwin,

    Hypothyroidism means your thyroid gland is underperforming not that it is dead. Hashimoto's is likely to eventually destroy your gland but it can take decades.

    If your thyroid gland was failing it would not recover. The Hashi attacks destroy thyroid cells and the thyroid atrophies until it becomes a small fibrous mass the size of a peanut and is incapable of producing hormone.

  • Thank you so much for explaining

    Appreciate your time


  • Talk about living and learning every day! Now just to extend this a little. How does one know when the thyroid gland is 'dead'?

    Thank you. 'M'

  • Mabsie,

    I doubt anyone knows exactly when. Decline in function is likely to be gradual over a long time.

  • If you're getting iron done you need to get all 4 that are done in the iron studies test.

  • You need to be absolutely gluten free with Hashimotos to feel well.

    In studies nearly 100% of people with Hashimotos have leaky gut.

    Dr Datis Khazzarian has some brilliant books.

    Kris Kresser website.

  • I am coeliac so haven't eaten gluten for 25 years. Maybe I would have been a lot worse ?

  • Yes just as well! A little bit of good news for being coeliac 🙂

  • There is a great book that explains Hashimoto's calle Hashimoto;s: the Root Cause. It is full of information including how to read your labs!

  • Thank you will look for that xxx

  • Also, I forgot to mention, there is a great Facebook group for support for all thyroid issues called FTPO-thyroid Hashimoto's or something like that. I belong to the one that is FTPO-thyroid topics and have learned SO much from reading the posts of other members! You have to ask to join because they want to check out whether you are a real person and not a MLM scammer. They will look at your labs, your symptoms and advise based on a book called STTM-stop the thyroid maddness, which is what the group is based on. Good luck. Be sure to put Facebook in your search when you look online.

  • Great thanks for that info will look on FB now xxxxxx

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