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How can you tell if you have hypothyroidism or auto immune hashimoto?

I've been tested for celiac and gluten intolerance, both were negative.

Even though some of my cuts were on the low side I'm not deficient in anything.

My Anti thyroid peroxidase abs = 5.7 <34

Anti thyroglobulin Abs =19.5 < 115

A functional medicine Dr told me that it's normal to have a few antibodies without is being hashimoto, is this correct?

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kingyl Yes, you can have a few antibodies and not be Hashi's.

Over 16 years I've tested antibodies 4 times. The latest two were

TPO - 11.2 and 6.6 (<34)

TG - 21.6 and 20.5 (<115)

The other two tests were in the early 2000s and the units of measurement at the particular lab used back then were very different but I was still classed as negative. I've been hypo for 43 years but not Hashi's.

Even though your nutrients haven't come back as deficient, low levels aren't optimal and may be causing problems. Post your results and let's see.


Thank you seaside suzie. I thought that was the case. I'm due to have new bloods done on Thursday. My Dr won't check T3 or antibodies so won't be able to get those unfortunately.

I'm having a full metabolic blood test and thyroid panel with a functional medicine Dr on the 31st. I will post my results then.

Thanks again


You could ask for cortisol to be tested (fasting blood test at 9am or alternatively saliva testing) as low cortisol can cause hypo symptoms. The best way to see if you have gluten intolerance is to try giving it up for a few weeks to see if your symptoms improve.


Thanks in have given up gluten and I don't feel any better. If anything I've lost to much weight and feel awful.


Sorry to hear that. Sometimes people can feel worse for a week or so before feeling better. Make sure you get plenty of veggies for fibre and healthy fats, and get some carbs from other sources, e.g. sweet potatoes, buckwheat, quinoa etc. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to feel better but you know your body so if there's no improvement and you continue to feel worse then there's no point in persevering.


My scalp burns in the evening. It's constant reminder that I got something wrong with me. Gets me down. I'm eating loads of veg mostly organic. Free range meats and grass fed butter. Black pudding loads of fruit and berries but no change.


Oh dear, that sounds grim. When did you give up gluten? Do you think the scalp pain is in any way connected to what you eat?


The only definitive test for celiac is the one by Cyrex Labs, which tests all the many types of gluten molecules. Other tests typically only test one. Even biopsies can miss it. I've seen stories of people having 10 before finally getting diagnosed after a lot of damage had been done.

I've seen antibodies reduce to almost zero after getting gluten out of the diet. You might also look up symptoms of gluten sensitivity, you don't have to be a full blown celiac to have it negatively affect your health.

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