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Hair loss and regrowth

I would like to ask ...

When you started losing hair from being hypothyroid, how long did it take you and what dose of NDT you were on before they stopped falling out and started regrowing?

Unfortunately I'm still losing hair. I'm on 2 1/2 grains and no signs on new hair. my TSH is 0.22 and my free T3 is in the upper range but when posted my results here a week ago you guys advised i can try to go higher still. my ferritin dropped slightly but even when it was 94 my hair kept falling out.

Do you think higher T3 will help? what else can I do?

Thank you

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Hi katka. Cannot answer your Questions re dosages, but although my hair comes out/thins, it does also slowly thicken over some weeks or months but is always thinner in winter - we wear scarves/hats in colder Weather and when there is also less sunshine around.

However, in general I think it also comes down to a sufficient vitamin intake forNourishment of the hair follicles while hair is growing. I don't have my vits and minerals book here at present, but try a bit of research.

When younger I used to have my hair permed and or coloured fairly frequently, every 6 weeks or so and I don't think the harsh chemicals in either lotion helped in my case.

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I had severe hairloss at ferritin 27.Started with ferrous fumarate - 210/3 times and vit c 1000. No hairloss & regrowth after 1.5years.

I trying with different medication trial to see whether hypo symptoms and hairgrowth improve.

Selenium --200 mcg helps. T3 may cause hairfall if it doesn't suit .

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Thank you ladies

It's just very annoying isn't it . I take selenium and all other minerals vitamins... all seems good levels in the top of the range. i don't know what else to do. I know that blood circulation into follicles help. when I use to ride bike, sweaty head and helmet from hardcore riding my hair grew like crazy. thickened and was healthy. that was before I got hypothyroid. I don't do that sort of workout now. I just don't know anymore .....

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That's interesting. I didn't know that t3 could make hair loss worse 😮 I'm on t3 only and mines still falling out.


I've been using Plantur shamooo, conditioner and lotion for quite a while and I'd say it has really cut back on my hair falling out.

I've also grown it and handle it as little as I can. I use a bristle brush (cheap version of the Mason Pearson ones) - and on my hairdresser's advice, brush my hair every day, that spreads the oil through it and keeps it in much better condition than it was before I started brushing it.

I'm inremission so I'm not taking any medicines at the moment but when I became very hypo during my block and replace treatment for Graves my hair was falling out all over the place. My endo said it was because I'd gone from being really hyper to being very hypo in such a short time. It was dreadful and I found it so upsetting.

In the end it settled down a lot once my thyroid settled and my treatment was stopped but even then I was still finding loads on my combs and in the bath when I washed it until I tried the Plantur.

I'd say try to handle it and even wash it as little as you possibly can.


I will say..someone on here said try TAR SHAMPOO and it has helped.......I also went to ndt hoping it would help ....

but my dr did a whole work up....I thought it was drastic but I was desperate too....

turns out I had high vitamin a, high selenium, which I have no idea how...but maybe too much healthy stuff so I stopped vitamins....but I started taking viviscal professional

my ferritin was not high enough.....

but my cortisol was high two times a day and lowish the other two times a day from A SALIVA CORTISOL TEST 4 TIMES A DAY..

and she she thinks the high cortisol is causing it .......and my progesterone and estrogen was out of balance so that had to be addressed too....

so don't assume it is can be a combinations of many things out of balance.....or out of whack

and I am trying to use toppix to hide the thinning but could use a hair piece in front....for bane area.....very thin ...and so frustrating....

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Thank you all for your responses.

I appreciate it. just like finding out the root cause of hashimoto's, hair loss has its own root cause all together.

I'll try the shampoo. thank you.

I also has tests and gave low progesterone and testosterone so fixing that hopefully this will help .


I'll be interested to know some answers - to T4 only cases..thanks :)


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