T3 and hair loss help plz

I need some help plz , I started using a little t3 last year and my hair started falling out so I stopped after 3 months and my hair then stayed in my head, I went back on t3 a few weeks ago to try again but I'm losing hair again, can anyone tell me if the hair loss will stop if I keep using or not, I'm using tiromel would it be wise to try different t3 or would it happen with all of them 

Thank you in advance 

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  • I took NHS generic T3 for two years, during which time I lost about half my hair. I've been off it now three and a half years and my hair is still not as it was before T3.

  • Can't win can we 😤

  • Weebella,

    I was fine on Mercury Pharma T3 and Tiromel for 3 months each but when I overmedicated T4+T3 and FT3 was over range my hair started coming out in clumps.  It stopped when FT3 was back in range.

  • Ty clutter think I may just have to stop it then but I feel so much better when I take it 😤

  • Weebella,

    Have you had FT3 tested?

  • i just saw a dr about this....he said it is really connected to not optimal thyroid treatment either over or under treated almost in every case of hair loss he has seen....or a sudden change in hormones up or down and it takes the body time to heal since the hair goes through a growing cycle......

  • Fed up of all this 😤😤

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