Urgent advice needed. Tried everything and Still losing hair!

Since I started this group a while ago my first post was about hairloss. My worse symptom of having an underactive thyroid is by far hairloss. Most advice was get levo raised & wait 3 months. My levo has been raised my tsh is down my t4 is higher. My t3 is mid range. My ferritin and other vits are fine (apart from b12. I'm working on it) I don't understand why I am still losing so much hair to the point I can see scalp and now I'm also losing eyebrows! I'm also 12ish weeks pregnant at which I'm suppose to grow more hair & then after I give birth lose it again. I am NOT growing any thicker hair, I still lose handfuls so if I give birth and lose a lot after it I will be losing like 3x as much as your suppose to. I just don't get that why, when I've done everything right am I still losing so much, and now my eyebrows?? What else can I do..

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  • Muffin, so glad to read you're now 12 weeks pregnant :)

    You know you said your ferritin is fine? What is it? Is it your GP's definition of fine, or ours (I.e., more than 70)?

  • No it's yours lol. My ferritin was 82 I'm sure. Was either 82 or 81. I just don't understand

  • Just checking. :) And I'm sure we've pointed you towards this link before: hypothyroidmom.com/10-thing...

  • She actually mentions that having her T3 in the mid range was a red flag when investigating her hair loss...

  • Yes I've read probably every hairloss and thyroid thing Google has to offer lol. My t3 was 4.8 (3.1-6.8) I dont want to mess about with meds at the moment due to being pregnant which is a miracle in its self (yeeeey) my latest tsh was 0.89 and t4 was 20.1. Which I've read people get better with a tsh under 1! That's the lowest mines has ever been. I just think my doc is going to keep putting things down to being pregnant when it's been happening long before that

  • Yes, you're probably right - and I completely get there's very little you're going to risk messing with at the moment - neither would I x

    Looks like Evening Primrose Oil might be something to try at some point - not while pregnant - but afterwards.

  • Do you know your VitD levels ? I have a feeling my improved hair was down to that in part ! I have also read that good levels of D when pregnant is good for the baby in protecting them from illnesses later in life. There is a campaign going on in the US at the moment with this in mind.....


  • Have you seen a dermatologist to see if you actually have another autoimmune condition causing your hair loss.

    Hair loss can be common in hypothyroidism until on an optimum of thyroid hormones.

    In the meantime, this shampoo might help (it did for me) and you can buy 1% over the counter of 2% by prescription. It's called Nizarol.


  • I haven't seen a derm yet. I was going to go and ask to be referred. I just think they are going to put everything down to me being pregnant just now. It's just so frustrating knowing I've done everything yet i still lose it

  • I've had Alopecia Areata four years running. First saw dermatologist and had steroid injections into scalp. Hair grew back slowly but the 'old hair' gradually dropped out. During winter hair grew back and then the cycle began again. After 4 years and being completely bald for 3 summers (family told me I had a 'perfect skull :) :) , this being the fifth year and I know the signs well now and as Nizarol helped reduce loss last year, I began a regime straight away when hair began shedding. So, thankfully, I have retained a full head of hair this year, even if slightly thinner. I used Nizarol, took a Turmeric tablet daily and if scalp was irritated/sore I took an anti-histamine. So far so good.

    Turmeric is supposed to be good for autoimmune conditions.

  • I'm sorry this happened to you, I have been reading a lot on alopecia. It's really scary to think about and I don't see how mines can still be thyroid related. Also I know when u have autoimmune your more than likely to get more. I'm petrified! When u say sore scalp... I get that a lot over the past couple of months. It's sensitive to touch like when you've had a hair tie in tight and you let it loose?? But all over my head. Now my eyebrows have joined in which didn't happen before. The front of my hair & hairline is noticeably thinner. Ive actually counted hairs from my brush a couple of days in a row and it's been between 400-500 a day and that's not counting what coming out during the day.

  • Ask GP for a referral to a Dermatoligist to confirm or not. If it's Alopecia some people only have one episode.Get a proper diagnosis.

  • If I'm pregnant will that be a problem though? For a diagnosis I mean?

  • No, I shouldn't think so. All mine did was gently pull some strands of hair and when they came out pronto - he said you've alopecia. Of course query if any treatments will affect pregnancy that's what is important.

  • If you don't mind me asking. How long was it before your hair fell out?

  • It was over a few months. I did buy a wig though - my friends thought it was better than my hair, so that says a lot :) but there's nothing like your own hair.

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