So I have been losing a lot of hair every time I shower

...shocking in hand fulls....for almost a year.

did find out that I don't convert t4 to t3 so started on NT....but I also was 70 on iron test...then I saw a youtube video of a woman that said she stopped her hair loss by drinking 2-4 cups of greens with a frozen banana and silk coconut milk every day a first one is a little strange but after that....I can do this has many vitamins and iron . I know not to take them near my I have a smoothie like this around 6pm and the last shower was less hair falling out I thought so I hope this continues.....I ony have been doing this a week ...but she said hers stopped falling out I thought I would share......she has tried everything else like a lot of us. I uses spinach or power greens which is a mixture in the salad isles. I also found out that you can throw them I your freezer (unless it has lettuce in it) the spinach or kale so they keep longer .....wash first then blend away..i have added strawberries or other fruit to hide the taste a little...but it really isn't bad at all........good luck to everyone

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  • Hello jacrjacr,

    I love my nutribullet and make a buckwheat pancake in it every morning. I also have loads of smoothies,

    There is controversy over eating too many raw greens are they can be considered goitrogenic, affecting the iodine metabolism. This turn might affect how your thyroid meds work.

    I consider everything healthy in small amounts and just don't have too many raw greens. (Cooked are considered too be ok.)

    I am pleased this is helping with your hair loss,


  • Thanks for this. Do keep us updated on how you do. I have been wary of green juicing goitregenic veg but this is interesting. I have been losing handfuls of hair in the shower too. Mine started when i went on NDT and I am hopeful that reverting to T3 only will stop the shedding.... Do you have the link to the video?

  • And Don't forget that the woman in the video probably didn't have thyroid disease, which makes absorbing nutrients more difficult. You do have hypo, so it might take you a bit longer to see results than it did her.

  • Interesting post,where and how did you get NT?,I've asked my GP and local pharmacist ,The GP said he'd not heard of it & the pharmacist said it's not in there directory of prescribable drugs.I live in the Northwest of England,are you in the U.S.?

    I've looked online,but am weary of purchasing medication/drugs over the Internet.

  • Hiddledumpling,

    The first queston for jacrjacr is, which NT?

    Nutri Thyroid (an over-the-counter product that claims not thyroid hormone content)

    Nature-Throid (a USA make of desiccated thyroid)

    ... or simply Natural (Desiccated) Thyroid?

    UK pharmacists can get hold of a few makes of desiccated thyroid from specialist importers such as Idis.

    UK GPs can prescribe all sorts of things - including unlicensed medicines that have to be imported. They may be restricted by local rules and regulations, and funding. As I have said quite a few times, calling it "prescription desiccated thyroid" and having some specific information (e.g. prints of prescribing information) may encourgae the GP to look further.

    Have a look here:

  • Hello Hiddledumpling, just wanted to say I am in the Northwest of England too! Greetings to you from nearby in this rainy part of the world!

  • hi ya haddledumpling, and hiddle as well.whoops . I got ndt from usa.

  • hi jac, ok first uncooked greens .ie cabbage kale is not good for underactive thyroid, so ihad a thought, about cooking it first and blending up when cold ugh but at least its cooked and what is silk coconut milk? I will try this as my hair is so thin I cant do anythingwith it thanks for sharing.

  • Silk coconut is a US brand of coconut milk. I use Biona coconut milk in the UK.

    I had the same idea about cooking greens for a smoothie if people are concerned about goitregenic foods. They would only require light steaming for 3 - 5 mins from what I have read.

  • Isn't Silk one of those dodgy brands actually owned by "some nasty company" that contain carageenan?

  • I don't know who owns it but there don't appear to be any nasties in it

  • It looks as though they've swapped the carageenan for gellan gum

  • Would love details of this recipe as my hair is breaking and falling out too. I tried a supplement labelled "skin hair & nails" as my skin was dry and nails flaky. It seems to have improved both of those but not my hair.

  • That sounds a good combination but if you iron is low then I would tend to supplement it. Did you know low iron inhibits T4 to T3 conversion?

  • yes I am aware of that

  • I think that everything should be eaten/drunk in moderation. I also read that too big a quantity of uncooked greens is not healthy. The lady in the video might have no health problems of any kind. I once read about a man who had a head full of hair at 60 and was sure that it was due to him "nourishing" his scalp by doing handstands!

  • Just remembered, rosemary is said to be good for promoting hair growth.

    Good article from Dr. Axe about the benefits of rosemary essential oil

  • It would help if people would mention if they're posting from outside the UK. It's good to hear from such, but this is a UK site, so naturally enough it's assumed that the information is UK relevant. It's time wasting when posts are from 'elsewhere' and not flagged up. Thanks.

  • I agree. It can be confusing to all

  • Thank you so much for the tip. I am losing mine as well and will certainly try your method. I am grateful for any help.

    Kimm Finlen

    Athens, Texas

  • Thank you for this….I am going to try.

  • Some time ago I read of a lady that ate a lot of cockles which stopped her hair loss, another food for thought!

  • I am think it is also "genetic" whether one loses hair or not. I have long thick hair, either not losing much or I have so thick hair it does not make a difference . I have always had thick hair but always so very dry that my hair is "electric" even during summer.

    I have tried everything but not able to fix it.

    I think whether these green smoothies work or not is down to other factors as well.

    I can be seriously underweight and malnourished and it does not affect my hair. I have low t3 etc etc. Still my hair is good. But for me it is pubic hair disappearing! I come from family with strong hair, don't want to go asking around how's their pubic hair , does illnesses affect theirs :D

    I am rambling but just wanted to say that I think it is also in ones genes how illnesses affect ones hair.

  • Lol.

  • Justina, I fully agree with you. But at the same time, certain medication might attack the hair follicles. I know that when my daughter started complaining about the thinning of her hair, the GP sent her to have her thyroid checked. So, it must be a combination of genes and health problems that unfortunately makes us lose hair.

  • and DHT in hair follicles and thyroxine can do this.. as the song goes.. gonna get yer..... one way or another,.... gonna get yer!.. you have to sing when you read this ...

  • Justina your remark is interesting as I can remember watching a prog on anorexia and the woman was skin and bone literally and had a mass of hair, ithought how can this be?

  • Ive been euthyroid for a good 5 years (so my physicians tell me) but had still experienced many symptoms associated with graves until I read an article by an american endo specialist promoting 'whole food' vitamin E for hair loss in thyroid patients. One of the brands he recommends is MegaFood E & Selenium, and since taking this my hair has stopped shredding and has even returned to its previous level of thickness. They are non synthetic and are derived from concentrated foods and as well as promoting hair growth they are a super antioxidant. They took at least 6 weeks to work but consideringmy follicular problems lasted for 10 years it was well worth the wait. My hot flushes are now also minimal and my skin looks much healthier. The article is called 'Natural thyroid treatment methods' by Dr Eric Osansky and you can check it out on Some reviews are scepticle but I swear by these vitamins THEY ARE A MIRACLE!!

    I dont think they are sold in the UK but there are many websites you can find that sell them in the US. I get them from My Natural Suppermarket on the internet for £26. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I'm going to try this. I went through the hair loss thing too and mine has gotten better too since I got back on my NT. My hair used to be really nice and I hope it gets back to the way it was. It's all going to take time because I sure lost a load of it. It's devastating when you lose your hair. I will also keep you posted too. I have been using Nixoxin (spelling??) and I use the minoxidill just in the front also. I am back to washing my hair like I used to but I sure do miss it being long. I will never go off my meds again. Let it be a lesson to me. And yes, please keep us posted. This is very interesting. Thank you, again. Debber

  • There is no cure for hair loss at all and if you have lost hair due to thyroid disease, it is because an autoimmune system has given you alopecia and thyroid disease.

  • Hi Loonietunes

    Try reading Dr Osansky's article if you can find it. He explains the process of thyroid hair loss and its preventative or healing capabilities, which is possible. I am testament to that. Sure the E vits may not work for evryone and it may also require some form of tweeking/research especially if already taking a number of meds or other supplements, but it was very reassuring for me when first reading the article as Im sure it could be for others, and then after taking it and finding that he was right. Theres no harm in trying especially as these are non chemically processed and could therefore do more good than bad.

  • I agree,what cant hurt.....I also added vit e, evening primrose oil, biotin, and lysine...

  • and any amino acid with prefix of L- infront is even better

  • looney tunes, we have to be positive, its like the doctor who says to the car crash victim. you will NEVER walk again.. that person can choose to give up or not- and often they have such fighting spirit they DO WALK again. I shall never give up hope of getting my hair back. recently a soldier ws crippled in Iraq war and was told he would never walkagain and he would be in awheel chair, he has just completed a marathon, he was knackered and struggled but he walked it. neve r say never.. its too depressing.

  • Add a half apple for a little sweetness or stevia. Good luck

  • Does anyone have a solution to get your liver to starting converting the t4 to t3 to stop the hair lose at it cause?

  • you could detox your lil ol liver , how about milk thistle..

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