Blue Horizon Hospital test service

Morning everyone,

Has anyone used the BH hospital blood draw service ?. (It's £39 extra ) Maybe I missed it on the website, but do BH send you the kit to take with you to the hospital and do you have to make your own appointment with the hospital or do BH do it for you?

Sorry if I'm being dim this morning., bad brain fog day 😯

Thanks xx


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  • Paul from BlueHorizonMedicals should be able to fill you in on the details of this.

  • Many thanks.

  • Medichecks also offer hospital blood draw. It might be a bit cheaper and/or different locations available

    With Medichecks, they send you the kit. The hospital I use just has a drop in blood clinic, so no appointment necessary, but you do have to pick which hospital.

    Blue Horizon, I have only done fingerprick test

  • Many thanks SlowDragon, I will check that out. Thank you for responding.

  • This was posted yesterday and Blue Horizon have a new website:-

  • Many thanks Shaws. That's great will check it out. Appreciate your help .

  • Yes they send you the kit. I've received one from them although I didn't pay £39 extra as asked for finger prick tests as thesework fine with me. Sigh...

  • To make it clear I didn't pay the extra - this kit was sent in error

  • Thanks Helena 877, appreciate your help.

  • I aways get my blood drawn at the Spire hospital for BH tests. You don't have to provide anything except a patient number when you book the blood draw (which BH give you).

  • That's great Angel of the North, that's really helpful.

  • Same goes for BMI hospital draw. You phone hospital for appointment.You get a sheet to give to the nurse stating charge Blue Horizon not the patient.You get the kit with first class envelope.It is your responsibility to post it back the same day . I avoid a Friday appointment to ensure next day delivery on a weekday.

  • Thanks Treepie, most helpful. X

  • Make sure you book the blood draw as early as possible,preferably before 9am as TSH is highest around then.

  • Thanks Treepie, I find that's always a problem as no one in my area starts much before 9 am..... but will definitely try to get the earliest possible appointment.

    Many thanks.😊

  • Hi I was able to have my Blue Horizon blood test draw done at my local NHS GP's surgery. It cost £10. The receptionist wasn't sure when I asked iniatially but called me back after checking and I made an appointment with the practice nurse. Very convenient and cheap.

  • Many thanks Bertwills, I will check that out at my surgery. Had no idea they did that. !! Thank you.

  • Good luck, I hope it's them same for you.

  • Blue Horizon also offer an at home blood service. £40/£45, I think. You arrange a nurse visit with them and he/she sends off the bloods. Convenient if you're pushed for time.

  • Many thanks Camdentown. That's the best info for me if they will come to the house. I will check that out. Thank you for responding, it's much appreciated.

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