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Help me please!

Ok. I've been on Westhroid pure thyroid pill 1.25 grain. It's a t3/t4 combo. Was on synthroid before then went to this bc of joint pain. So, thyroid went nuts after surgery on my foot in March and I was thrown on a bunch of diff meds. Now I'm back on WP thyroid. My problem: not sure I can handle the t3 in it. I keep shaking. TSH is 6.3, t4 0.98, t3 4.1. I had my thyroid ablated in 2004 bc of hyperthyroidism. Please tell me what's wrong. My cortisol has been higher lately as well.

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You appear not to be on a sufficient dose of thyroid hormones as your TSH is very high at 6.3. You haven't given the ranges for your other results (the figures are in brackets).

However it is my view that using blood tests which were invented for levothyroxine (T4 only) alone will not equate with taking NDT as it contains the hormones our own thyroid gland would have produced and most people feel much better on it.

Are you self-medicating? If so this link may be helpful:

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Hi. No not self medicating. Going through a health and wellness facility with an MD but not impressed with him. I'm going to the Riordan clinic now. I agree my TSH is high. I feel crappy and weird. Just wondering if I should go back to synthroid as I don't want the t3 to keep rising. ?? Thyroid stuff confuses me. What other things need tested? Thank u


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