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Please help me with my list!

Finally have an appointment with the only GP who has said maybe your body runs better with a higher T4 so now I would like to go prepped with a list of things that other people get done and tested for and I never have, all I have ever had tested is T4 and TSH.

I have never felt ok and now with my last blood test with T4 at 17 and TSH at 5.5 which is the upper limit and yet still it says no action needed :(

Please anything you can think for me to list, or look up to mention would be fantastic also a symptom list so I can tick all the symptoms I have to darn well deal with!

Thank you so much in advance xxx

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Good luck

Here is the symptom list from Stop The to thyroid Madness:

I am not surprised that you feel ill with a TSH of 5.5, generally you would want it below 1.0.


They also have a recommended labwork link:


Yes it's a useful list hamster1. In general I would recommend the book Helenback, if you have time before your appointment.


Thank you I have got the book, but tbh I do not process written language well and at the moment my brain just wont take anything in and make any sense of it. I am asleep more than awake, but have to say I have some fantastic vivid dreams is that part of it as well? I feel quite sad when I wake up to this :(


I can't read a whole book either at the mo, well since a few years really. I switch off - probably a self-preservation thing and Life's but a dream.....

Indulge me, what's actually on your list so far...... J :D


Well so far the things that the two kind previous posters have put, plus my blood results and how I feel, I asked for the symptom list as with out it I would forget most of mine.

For all I know I may be deficient in some vitamins of minerals as have never had a test for that.

Thank you for replying :)


I've lost the love of my life - books - as I have the attention span of a gnat now!

With the day job hat on I would say that a possible reason for the dreams is your brain rationalising, sifting, and sorting the day's events and offloading the extraneous stuff in order to commit to memory only the important things. Happens with worry, brain overload etc.


I don't know why no-one has yet recommended the excellent Thyroid UK symptom list:



No criticism of that list Rod. Only that STTM was most recently in my mind late last night so my memory didn't stretch itself beyond that point :-) :-)

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Have you taken your body temperature recently? I did a series of "basal temperatures" - before getting out of bed in the morning. Also, I took my temperature after exercising (immediately after stopping, before the chance of becoming chilled due to sweaty clothes etc), and in the evening when more tired than during the day. I recorded all readings in a table. My GP wasn't interested and thought they were normal, but when I finally saw the endocrinologist 10 days a go, he agreed that they were not normal (for example, 33.7 degrees centigrade after a cycle ride when it wasn't especially cold outside). I'm sure that this helped my case, along with my other "evidence". In any case, he agreed that I should go back to my normal dose (which worked for 14 years before a GP decided I was "over-medicated"). Good luck with your GP.


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