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Please someone help me !

Hi everyone, I am 28yr old male with serious problems which are getting me to the point of feeling suicidal, I have a serious needle phobia condition which causes me to have seizures so am unable to have a conventional blood test, we have looked all over and willing to travel abroad if necessary for non invasive tests but not had much luck with anything actually available, I have serious tiredness and fatigue and sleep for up to two days at a time, I'm always over heating and pour with sweat, all my muscles hurt and ache, my hair has thinned and I have gained weight, been multiple times to doctors and referred to hospital but they don't understand my condition and just refer me for councillors to try and treat my phobia, I've had the 24 hr thyroid profile saliva and urine test done and came back as cortisol levels too high and t3 too high and have been taking oral temp which is constantly low between 95.1 and 96.4 I really just don't know what to do anymore and feel so unwell, please someone must be able to help

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Have you considered hypnotherapy? I know some people don't believe in it but if you really need a blood test then you need to find a way. I've seen amazing results with hypnotherapy. I'm not a hypnotherapist, by the way!


Hi Lee - welcome to the forum

It's very difficult to see the results above. I would recommend hiding personal info and reposting tho. Have you ever had a full thyroid panel? TSH, free T3, free T4, TPO and TG antibodies, as well as nutrient levels (B12, Vit D, folate, ferritin). These are vital for analysis as to what is happening with your body. I'm not familiar with cortisol levels but others here may comment on those. X Rusty

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I'm guessing by full thyroid panel the only way to get that is through blood which I am unable to do


Lee - do you think you can manage a fingerprick test rather than a venous blood draw? A small, spring loaded lancet which makes a small prick in your finger and you let the blood drop into a small tube? Less than 1ml of blood into a tiny tube? If so then Blue Horizon or Medichecks offer a range of thyroid tests. If not, then seriously consider Nanaedake's suggestion about hypnotherapy because if you have a thyroid condition then blood tests are part and parcel of the basis of any treatment.


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Medichecks or Blue Horizon can arrange a home visit to draw blood, you could take a sedative or similar before blood test.


What about DIY finger prick test? Could you manage that

Or start just with vitamin D spot test......just a single drop of blood on a test sheet (four spots required )


Sounds like you may be vitamin D deficient.


If you decide on a finger prick test, make sure you are well hydrated a couple of days before so blood runs easily.


I ordered the expensive one from thriva and had a mental breakdown trying to force myself to do it, is there anything I could trial without blood that may help ?


Good afternoon Lee,

So sorry your feeling like this. Have you ever seen Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield, he may well be able to shed some light on your Thyroid/Adrenal Issues. Have you been given any Thyroid medication? Lots of symptoms including aching muscles can be a result of Thyroid problems or maybe a food intolerance.

Phobia's are a terrible thing, and maybe Hypno's may work, I know for me when my body is at war with itself my Phobia effects me more than it would do normally.

Blood tests don't seem to be so reliable, a few books I have read have said to go for the Saliva tests.

I hope you can get some help

There is alot of great advice on this forum and I hope you find what works for you

Take Care


None of the doctors seem to be willing to try anything without the blood so in the meantime I'm just left feeling like this for almost a year now it's been gradually getting worst, I would be willing to trial anything but don't have the right advice as of yet, I will see about getting an appointment with dr peat field, thank you for the advice


Your welcome Lee, Dr Peatfield has also written a great book - if you didn't feel up to making the trip to see him. I know it doesn't feel like it now Lee but people do recover, sadly it takes time but it's good to focus on that people do recover. As for the medical profession, your not really missing anything, they do not understand about Adrenals or Thyroid, they have never helped me. I wish you the best of luck


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