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Blood Results

Hi All I got my blood results today from my tests yesterday.

GP had asked for repeat of thyroid after 6 weeks. I also asked for Folate, Feriitin, B12 and vit D which after the nurse had asked why I wanted them were tested too.

Dr phoned and said good news I am on the right dose for thyroid as it has came up but everything else is low and have been prescribed supplements. Thanks for all the advice as I wouldn't of got these tested if I hadn't had help of you guys.

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Nurses do seem much more willing to help :)

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Jill, I would be very wary of anything the doctor prescribes, because they know very little about nutrition. Can you tell us exactly what the results were, and what and how much he has prescribed?

What were your thyroid results? Do you feel as if you are on the right dose?


The only specific he told me was that my vit D was 37 under 25 is very bad and they want it to be 50 or above -

basically I won't get my prescription until tomorrow night at the earliest but what he said on the phone was b12 3 times a day, Vit D once a day and a high dose of folic acid.

I will ask for print out when I go to pick up the prescription. Still waiting on endo apt.



I have a feeling that the prescription dose of B12 is actually a really low one. Before you start taking the B12, let us see the actual result. It might be that you should be tested for pernicious anaemia - if the doctor's wanting you to take it 3 times a day, that suggests it's very low and needs more investigation.


I'd bet 50p on it being a prescription for 3 doses of 50mcg of cyanocobalamin per day.


Oh, me too! That's why I mentioned it. They just have no idea.

37 for vit D isn't very good, either, and 50 is still too low for a hypo. You need it nearer 100, I think. So, that will a low dose he'll be giving you, too. Possibly even calcium, with a little bit of D3 added. They often prescribe that, for no good reason.

So, best to let us see it all before taking anything. :)


humanbean and greygoose you have won a watch lol




You were prescribed what we thought you would be? 50mcg cyanocobalamin x 3 per day?

I would definitely suggest you go to your surgery and ask the receptionists for a copy of the exact results including reference ranges.

The receptionists usually have to ask a doctor for permission to access and print out your results, so you may be lucky to get them on the day you ask, and will have to go back the next day. There will probably be a charge, but it should not be a high one.

When you've got the results post them on a new question, and let us know what your doctor has prescribed for you.


My full results are at the bottom of the post I got the receptionist to print them out for me.

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A VitD website with a chart showing the dose required v the result. Measurement is in ng/L - there is a converter from nmol/L. If your D was measured in nmol/L then your ng/L result is around 15. So you will need a minimum of 4500 IU's of D3 daily. I think they do 5000 capsules. I expect your GP will forget to tell you about VitK2 that is also needed when taking D3.

Don't forget to remind your GP that it was YOU who requested the additional testing and had you not been informed from Thyroid UK - this very sad state of affairs would not have been discovered. Docs should be thinking Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies before reaching for the Prescription Pad for drugs.

If your B12 was below 500 then neurological conditions can appear. Your GP will not be aware. Further B12 testing will be of little value once supplementing - it will show a false high and your GP will tell you to stop supplementing. NOT a good idea.


Hi Marz,

The chart has been removed, sadly. If it still exists somewhere on the site I can't find it. The converter and calculator are still there on the right hand side of the page, but they are not as noticeable to the casual visitor as the chart in the banner was :(


Is this what you & Marz were looking for?


Yes it is! Thanks for finding it. :)

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crabapple - thank you for your response. Do not understand how it has changed. Need to check - but thank you. Have been a busy bee today :-)

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Drumroll - The results are in TSH (0.35-5.00) 0.67

Free T4 (9.0-21) 14.4

Vit D 37

B12 (200-900) 137

Folate (3.1-20) 2.0

Ferritin (15-200) 30

Script for

Colecalciferol 800 units 1 a day

Cyanocobalamin 50 mg 3 times a day ( dr had only put twice a day on script so after telling me 3 times so queried with receptionist!)

Folic Acid 5mg 1 a day

Hoping to see the energy levels rising.

The dr said they don't retest for Vit d once you have finished think I will query this though as how do you know you are maintaining levels?


Pft. Absolute rubbish!

For that level of B12, he should actually be giving you injections, but...

If I were you, I would get 5000 mcg sublingal methylcobalamin nuggets to take one daily. With that get a B complex with methylfolate - not folic acid! - and take one daily.

Your ferritin needs supplementing, too. Take 1000 mg vit c with the iron, to help absorption.

Vit D, what he's given you won't help that low level very much, but that's not my area. Marz ? humanbean ? Jazzw ? Your comments, please?


Oh dear - another doc that knows nothing about the seriousness of B12 Deficiency. It needs to be around 1000 and you should have additional testing to seek the cause. Testing for PA - Pernicious Anaemia - should be done. Even if you are negative for Parietal Cell anti-bodies - it is possible to still have PA. Do you have stomach issues ? - Are you taking any medications that could prevent the absorption of B12 in the stomach ? If you have neurological symptoms - tingling in the fingers/arms/feet - or anything on the list below - then you need injections every other day for three weeks to see if matters improve. 3monthly is the NHS treatment plan for B12 injections and you may need to fight to have them more often. Clinical symptoms MUST also be taken into consideration and not just the blood test result. ( As per the Guidelines your GP should have read )

Click onto FILMS on the menu and watch the videos about just how serious B12 Deficiency is ......

B12 works in the body with Folate - and again you are Folate deficient as well. Your result needs to be mid range. Your Ferritin needs to be around 80/90 - and it can take some time for it to rise.

B12 works in the protection of nerves - also in the production of red blood cells and so on - it is HUGELY important - but because a Vitamin cannot be patented then Big Pharma cannot make any money out of B12 and so it is left neglected and all the symptoms are treated individually. Do not allow re-testing of B12 to take place as once you are supplementing the results are skewed - and you run the risk of your pretty useless GP telling you you do not need anymore B12 as your results are fine - NOT. The blood test indicates what is in the blood and only 20% of that amount can reach the cells where it is needed. There is no test to indicate what is in the cells.

5000 IU's of VitD daily would be good along with VitK2 to ensure calcium is directed to your bones and teeth and away from soft tissue and the arteries.

What dose of T4 are you taking - your result looks lowish :-)

PLEASE read the books - Could It Be B12 ? - 2nd Edition by Sally Pacholok - no home should be without this book. Also Martyn Hoopers latest book - Living with Pernicious Anaemia and B12 Deficiency.

What your Doctor does not know about B12 can harm you ..... :-( - Quote from Doctor Carr who was dying from some rare neurological condition they thought - until it was realised he had B12 Deficiency. He features on one of the videos I have posted in the above link ....

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I am going to make an appointment to go back to the drs to discuss this. Feel weird questioning a Dr but feel this needs investigated as I have a good diet and shouldn't really be deficient in anything.


Did you read the website for B12 that I linked ? If so you will know more than your GP which should give you confidence. There is also a Draft letter which you can send to your GP - which may be of help - of course adapt it to your own needs - and it you do not get anywhere then leave it with the GP after the appointment - jut a thought.

However good your diet is does not mean you are absorbing. Low acid being one cause and there can be issues in the intestines without symptoms.

Hope your GP is helpful .... :-)


I am going to make and appointment for Monday so I have time to print and highlight any relevant material from the links provided by everyone. I am also going to request testing for the anemia as I also have vitaligo which is linked to it.


Vitiligo can be autoimmune - so a possible link with Hashimotos too ? Let us all know how things go for you on Monday ....


Regarding vitamin B12 - If your doctor will not test you for Pernicious Anaemia or the results come back "normal" you can still do a lot better than 50mcg x 3 of cyanocobalamin. (If your doctor tries to fob you off and not test for PA you should complain. I also think you should have B12 injections even if the PA tests come back negative because your level is so low.)

If you are restricted to oral supplementation for some reason ...

It can vary from person to person but most people do well on methylcobalamin, another form of vitamin B12. It is in a form which is more easily absorbed than cyanocobalamin. You would need to get 5000 mcg pills (NOT a typo - 5000) and take one a day, stick it under your tongue and let it dissolve slowly, no chewing or sucking. Two popular brands on here are Jarrow Formulas and Solgar. Amazon sell them, but I noticed this week that the price has zoomed up on there, so shop around for a better price.

Folic acid is not a good way of increasing your levels of folate :

When taking B12 it is essential to have a decent level of folate so that the body can use the B12 you are taking. It is also a good idea to supplement all the B vitamins rather than just one or two of them. There are lots of B Complex tablets available, but many of them contain folic acid and cyanocobalamin. There are some B Complex tablets which contain the B vitamins in a better form. Personally, I take Thorne Research Basic B Complex. It works well for me. I know there are others, but I never remember the names.

Marz mentioned taking 5000 iU of vitamin D, and also taking vitamin K2. I would add to that the need for magnesium. Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium from the diet. You want that calcium to end up in the bones not the arteries, and the supplements suggested all help in that process.

Mercola has lots of articles on his site on vitamin D and K2.

Vitamin D supplements should always be vitamin D3, not vitamin D2. They need to be taken with a fatty meal. They need to be taken at least 4 hours away from thyroid meds.

Ferritin - this is iron stores. Yours are too low. People on thyroid meds need iron to help with conversion from T4 to T3. You need to be aiming for mid-range, which in your case is about 100 - 110.

There are loads of iron supplements available. One that is commonly prescribed by doctors, and is available from pharmacies without a prescription is ferrous fumarate 210mg. It is available in boxes of 84, enough for 3 tablets per day (one three times a day) for 28 days. Some pharmacists insist on a prescription, but many don't so shop around. I've got them from Lloyds and Tesco Pharmacies before.

Iron supplements of all kinds can cause tolerance problems for people. Always buy a small quantity first, until you know you will tolerate them.

Another popular iron supplement is iron bisglycinate or Gentle Iron. It has much less iron in than ferrous fumarate. Gentle iron can be bought without a prescription from loads of supplement sites. Solgar do a popular one.

Both vitamin D and iron can cause toxicity problems if they are overdosed. Regular testing is essential. Some people can fix an iron deficit and get up to optimal in three months, others take a lot longer. It took me nearly two years, and I only got there eventually by giving up gluten.


Went back to the Drs this morning to discuss my results and his treatment, I have now been tested for pernicious anemia. I have to stick with what he has prescribed and try that first. If my symptoms don't improve in 3-4 weeks then he will refer me to neurology. And he is chasing up my urgent referral to the endocrinologist which was the start of July.

He also said he feels I am looking into it too much - I said yeah I probably am but I don't feel good and feel I need the cause looked into rather than just treating symptoms and I have found Thyroid Uk very helpful.


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