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Advise with blood results

Evening guys,

These results are from my blood tests this Monday taken early morning before my levo.

For some reason I cannot see a TPO result but know that in September it was - 594IU/ML (0-50).

TSH - 4.13 - (0.3 - 5.0) was 3.25 in October and 13.51 in July

T4 - 14.6 was 9.5 in July

Ferritin - 55ug/L

Folate - 6.4ug/L

B12 - 408ng/L

Magnesium - 0.83mmol/L

Calcium - 2.26mmol/L

I'm new to this and cant see the ranges on my report, would they be the same as previous tests???

Dr has increased my levo from 50mg to 75mg and advised I go back in Jan for retesting. I enquired about Hashi's he said I don't have so confused.

Please help or advise


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But you do have that : TPO 594IU/ML (0-50).

They don't need to retest it. Once it is high, you have it. Antibodies may fluctuate, but they never go away. Your doctor either doesn't want you to know you have it, because you might start asking awkward questions that he can't answer. Or, he doesn't understand Hashi's.

You cannot count on ranges being the same, so best to ask for them.

Your ferritin and folate are too low, and need supplementing; and your B12 should be at least over 500 - more if you have symptoms of low B12.

No point in testing magnesium, it will always be in range, but that doesn't mean you aren't deficient. So, best to just take some.

Calcium looks ok, but you don't want to supplement with that, anyway. How's your vit D?


Hi Greygoose,

What would you suggest I start supplementing with first??

I was taking Vit d, then added magnesium, calcium and zinc but stopped everything some weeks ago to get a truer picture of things.

They did test vit d, he said it was 45 which is fine but I can't see it on my print out. I'm gonna call again in the morning to get things clarified.

I'm sure if you have Hashi's you have to take another medication, I told him that and he said no, it's on the thyroxine. He asked me to show him where I read that next time 😡


Umm... what 'medication' were you thinking about? A lot of Hashi's people do very well on levo. Some can't convert, and need T3, but that's not necessarily because they have Hashi's.

Vit D of 45 is not fine. It need to be around 100, I think. If I were you, I'd go back on the vit D3, magnesium and zinc, but do NOT take the calcium. Taking vit D3 will increase your absorption of calcium from food, which is far better. But, to make sure that calcium goes into the bones and teeth, and does not mount up in the tissues, you need to take vit K2.

If I were you, I would start with the iron - along with the vit D (but not at the same time!) because you already know you're ok with vit D3 - because the ferritin is the most desperate.


Forgive me for sounding so stupid but is your advise to restart taking vit d3 and also take iron but at a different time of day??


Oh, absolutely. You need to leave a gap of about four hours between the two. :)


Thank you greygoose.

Can either be taken when I take my levo?


Absolutely not. You need to leave a four hour gap between levo and both D3 and iron.

As a general rule, you cannot take anything at the same time as your levo, and you cannot take anything at the same time as iron. Except, of course, water.


Hi greygoose,

Ive finally got my results back with ranges. Apologies for hounding you now but ive been poorly with a chest infection for the past 2 weeks and been on antibiotics.

I have not started my supplements as you advised as wanted to get your take on my results now i have my ranges.

I have just ordered Solgar B12 which arrives tomorrow and continue with D3. Last few days im aching everywhere...hands, ribs, back and im stiff. Once i move im ok but the minute i stop and start again i like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz.

Could you help me with your wisdom about my blood results please now i have my ranges.

Free T4 - 14.6 - (12-22)

TSH - 4.13 - (0.3-5.0)

ESR - 13 - (3-9)

B12 - 408 - (180-700)

Ferritin - 55 - (15-300)

Magnesium - 0.83 - (0.65-1.05)

Serum Folate - 6.4 - (4.6-18.7)

Vit D - 45.2 - (50-150)

My plan as of tomorrow is -

AM - 75mg Levo

Dinner time - Vit D3 10,000 IU double dose

Before bed - B12 1000 ug

As i said my joint pain is pretty bad, to be fair that may be my only significant symptom which is really impacting my daily life. I just want to get back to feeling slightly normal again......please tell me that that is possible as 6 months in to dealing with this condition im feeling that it isnt.

Thank you as always.


What about the iron? That's still very low.

If you are taking vit D3, you should also be taking vit K2. And magnesium. And then things get complicated, because you have to leave four hours between levo and magnesium, and four hours between iron and magnesium and four hours between levo and iron!

It would be best to take your vit B12 in the morning, because vitamins energise, and that's not what you want just before bed. You should also be taking a B complex with your B12. And, vitamins should be taken with food, at least two hours after levo. So, lunch would be better for all the vitamins, and vit D with dinner. If you see what I mean! lol And fit the iron and magnesium in where you can. Magnesium is best at bedtime, because it relaxes.

As to your blood test results, your TSH is still to high. And your FT4 too low. So, you're still hypo. :(


Ive got so many results but cant see it named something else???

Ive got some magnesium but its with calcium and zinc so i need to source some magnesium only. Ive got some K2 so will take that with D3 too.

Do you advise i start tomorrow with the lot except the magnesium and iron as i have none?

Oh my goodness, i think i may rattle when walking with all these pills inside of me lol


Have a look here:

There are many iron and iron-related tests and they can be fiedishly complicated. In your case, I suspect GreyGoose was referring to Ferritin - a stored form of iron.

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It's called ferritin. Ferritin is the protein that stores the iron, and the body takes it out as it needs it, and puts it back in if there's too much in the blood. And, it's the stores that we have to keep stocked up.

No, don't start them all at once. Leave about two weeks between starting each one. You never know if something isn't going to suit you.

You're right not to take the magnesium with the calcium. But, later on, it might be a good idea to get some zinc. Zinc is wonderful stuff! :)


Ha ha i love the way you made me sound like i knew what i was talking about by not taking the magnesium with calcium......i only know that from your wisdom lol.

So if i start tomorrow for a couple of weeks adding D3, K2 and B12 with my Levo how would you sugggest i take it timing wise??

I think ill stick with that combination for a month and see how i get on. Need to be retested in early Jan.


Well, as I said above. B12/B complex, vit K2 at lunch. Vit D3 with dinner. Both D3 and K2 need to be taken with a fatty meal, as they're fat soluble. But I imagine you have some kind of fat/oil with both meals, don't you? It would appear that you shouldn't take them both together because they compete with the available fat for absorption... Or something like that. So, one for lunch and one for dinner.

I am assuming, of course, that you take your levo before breakfast?


Oh yes, deffo some kind of fat in meals but for when there isn't I guess I still take it. Sometimes I don't have a proper lunch and if I do then I sometimes done have a proper dinner.

Yep, Levo first thing at least 30 mins before breakie


A whole hour is better. :)


Perfect will give this a go and for sure come back to you when I get restested and add magnesium and iron in to sometime in January.

Do you think the b12, d3 and K2 will improve my pains??


Depends where the pains are and what sort of pains. But the D3 will help with bone pain, certainly. I don't think you feel anything from K2, it just makes sure that the extra calcium absorbed from food du to taking vit D3, goes into the bones and not the tissues.

B12 will improve all sorts of things, like neuropathy - which can be painful.


I hope and pray I start feeling like a normal 36 year old soon.

I do get some very sharp pains in one of my toes.....does that class as neuropathy??


It could be, yes. Neuropathy means damage to nerve endings. And, if the nerve endings don't pick up any feeling at all, because they're damaged, the brain will translate this as pain.


Fascinating how the human body works. Does it spread once you get it??


Well, if you don't get any B12, I suppose it would.


Better get started then.

Can't thank you enough for your help and advise.

Hugely appreciated


You're welcome. :)


You do have Hashi's but they (NHS) believe it is untreatable!! They can't be bothered.

I started off Hypo was put on levo and after 4 years developed Hashi's and became very unwell. Thanks to advice from this site I went gluten free which reduced my TPO level by half and then went lactofree for 3 months and got TPO down to 10. I now keep scrupulously gluten free but do have lactofree milk, butter, cheese and cream and seem to be ok with them.

You deffo need to supplement B12 (try Jarrows methylcobalamin 5000mcg dissolve Under tongue.) I find a blood level of around 1000 is good, docs have a hissy fit when they see that level! For Vit D you need D3 you can get 1000 or 4000 IU dosing. I need to be between 100-120 on the blood test but we are all different but Hashis does seem to require high levels. You can overdose with D3 (city assays do finger prick test for £28) so be careful. Look at Vit D council website. You must take Vit K with the D.

If i had a TSH level of 4+ I think I would be bed ridden, mine has to be well under 1.

I am not a medic but thanks to help from this site and a lot of reading (Izabella Wentz -root cause-Hashi's) I have improved my health a lot. Hope you can do likewise.


Thanks crimple for your kind advise.

I am going to start B12 supplements tomorrow and hope that they will help me in feeling better soon. Do they help relieve the joint pain??? This is my only significant symptom that is really bothering me daily.


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