fake personnal messages

I have recently ordered some ndt from amercia and have starting getting personal messages that look exactly like they are from HeathUnlocked, before i click on it I logged into HealthUnlocked and checked my messages and they were not showing on my account.

I have deleted them from my inbox but thought everyone should be aware that not all personal messages are real. They were asking for links to the website where I purchased it from.

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  • Ooh, that sounds strange.... Is there a health unlocked repirt button somewhere on this site? Well done for not telling them your source. Xx

  • You can report anything you think is amiss. When you go below the post you will see Like and along a bit a down arrow, click on the arrow and three items will appear and press the one you want i.e report.

  • Well how does that work with a fake private message?

  • Not sure it was hard to tell if it was pm or just a response to a post but it is not showing when I checked. Just paranoid I guess. It always seems to coincide with purchase of NDT or when I used to buy T3 from abroad.

  • It gives you three choices - edit - delete or Report. and the report you ake goes direct to HU, I believe.

  • is it possible that you may have already removed it as it does not show on the original post which is now quite old, I did not click on it at the time and just deleted it. I just came on for a quick read and thought I would check my account and it was not there...

  • Where are these messages appearing? Are they sent to your email address?

    This site does allow for people to send each other private messages. Not all messages you receive have to be on the public forum.

    All private messages you receive from other members can be found at this link (it's the same link for everyone) :


    I've just sent you a private message which says "This is a personal message from humanbean", so you know how private messages appear in future.

  • Thanks, I think I was being spam posted perhaps which is why I got the emails, i had about 10 emails in 24 hours. I did not want to click the links in case they were dodgy.

  • If you ask for a source of NDT or T3 on the forum, and someone tells you they have sent a PM with a source, the likely outcome is that lots of people who also want this information will write PMs to you directly asking to be told the same information you have received from someone else.

    It is quite normal because we can't discuss sources in public for these messages to be sent privately.

    If you don't want to receive an email telling you that you have a private message you can change your contact preferences in your account.

    If you look at this link :


    you can see your contact preferences and choose which emails you receive. Remember to save any changes you make.

  • just checked my trash and found one of the emails that had not been deleted yet and it was a reply to post, not a personal message as I checked it against the one you send.

    Looks like a very persistence spammer.

    Had me worried for a min.

  • We've some of them.

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