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Confused by latest test results, any opinions would be appreciated :)

Hi again everyone,

I had my levothyroxine increased from 25mcg to 50mcg 2 months ago and I now have my latest blood results and I was wondering about peoples thoughts.

The last results on 25mcg were:

TSH: 3.1 (0.27 - 4.50)

Free T4: 18.1 (11 - 23)

Free T3: 5.64 (3.10 - 6.80)

Folate: 9.4 (3.60 - 18.70)

Ferrtin: 68 (13 <)

TPO: 9 (0-34)

B12: 168 (197.00 - 771.00)

Vit D from June: 115

My latest results on 50 mcg are:

TSH: 1.9 (0.27 - 4.50)

Free T4: 17 (11 - 23)

Free T3: 5.4 (3.10 - 6.80)

Ferrtin: 71 (13 <)

TPO: 7 (0-34)

B12: 664 (197.00 - 771.00)

Vit D: 101

So my levo was increased, my tsh is 'better' but my t4 and t3 went slightly lower?

How could this happen?

I take my medication on a morning, one hour before food and drink (apart from water) and I take my vitamins later in the afternoon...

Do I need an increase? Nothing seems to improved including my symptoms.

Thanks for any replies.

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You're FT4 and FT3 are slightly lower than before because they are levelling off and your body is using the T4 now.

How are you feeling?

Your recent thyroid bloods are good. You're converting well. Can you feel a difference yet?


Just to add. It can take a few dose adjustments before everything levels off.

It can take over a year before things settle down.

At your next blood test you may find your TSH has risen again slightly and your FT's have dropped a little further. In which case you may be given another dose increase until such a time as your blood results start remaining stable.

Raising the metabolism needs to be done slowly and steadily.


Thank you... I will keep an eye on things... it just shocked me that I doubled my dose but my results barely changed.

I can't say I feel 100% yet.

But I suppose I will just have to give it more time.

Thank you for your reply.


Originally before treatment I had a TSH of 31.9 and a T4 of 9. Thats why I was prescribed levo. I asked for the increase from 25mcg to 50mcg because I was suffering so much with symptoms.

Thank you for your reply.


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