I had my bloods done. Results

Thank you all for your kind words last week. Well I braved it and let my gp do my blood test. I cried my eyes out but achieved it lol!

Results back today and all good. He tested 12 things. 5 tubes. Fbc; b12; ferritin, crp, liver, kidneys, electrolytes, kinase, im screen, glucose; hba1c and nuclear antibodies. All back other than the antibodies which take longer. All fine other than potassium is 3.4 ( range 3.5-5.3) and sodium 129mmol (133-146). Both marked low and gp wants to speak to me. Everything else perfect so should I be concorned?

Also. I do my thyroid private with Medicheck the finger prick test or Blue Horizon in the past. I had a full screen IN July when tested thyroid with medicheck and it showed b12 had gone up at last to 1070 it was 212 ok nhs last August. My ferritin had gone from 15 to 49. I was happy. Nhs today shows b12 at 442 and ferritin 32. Hmmm, it's made me doubt the private tests now. I'm doing my thyroid test Thursday with Medicheck; finger prick. I rely on them as I can do it fasted from home so most accurate time. Now it's making me wonder are they accurate if my results have differed to nhs for ferritin and b12. I supplement so my ferritin should not have dropped, it's been doing a nice climb, 15 to 34 to 49 and now back to 32.

Anyway thanks again for all your support. I will let you know as soon as I've the private thyroid whether the 50mg has finally got my tsh down.


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  • Why do you suspect the finger prick testing as it can be the blood drawn by your gp. Sometimes the blood is handled so poorly and wrong causing weird results. That's something we should always remember.

  • These things don't stay static, you know. They go up and down. But, as long as the general trend is up, it's good.

    Aren't you going to post all your results and let us have a look? I get very nervous when people say 'everything is fine'. In whose opinion? lol

  • Oh, and well done for getting the blood taken! What time was it done?

  • Thank you. It was done about 2pm.No thyroid taken so didn't have to be morning fasted.

    The results are all well in range and good other than the ones I've mentioned. I got a print out so I could double check 😄

  • And I can't seem to add the photo now to this post.or inbox it you it seems.

  • No, you can't do either of those. You'll have to start a new thread.

    So, if all the tests he did came back ok, then you have now got to believe that all your problems are down to your thyroid. Haven't you?

  • Yes but I am very scared about the potassium and sodium being low. It seems very scary on googling.

  • Eat some bananas, put salt on your chips!

  • I will haha, and already do 😄

    Just worried what my gp will say about them both.

  • What can he say? He could give you tablets to raise the levels, but l don't think it's anything to get into a state about. :)

  • I'm just concerned as low potassium and low sodium can be dangerous.

  • Yes, they can, but yours aren't that low. Let us know what the doctor says. And don't worry!

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