Help with blood test results

Hi everyone,

I am hoping some of you will be able to offer some advice with my latest blood test results?

I was doing well initially on Armour thyroid but seemed to feel worse and worse again. I saw Dr Peatfield back in May and he thought I had a problem with my adreanals and advised me to cut back from 2 grains Armour Thyroid to just 1. Unfortunately he has been in hospital and I am not sure if I will get to see him again.

In the mean time I had my thyroid blood tests done by the NHS and also had a low cortisol result. I have just been tested for Addison's today but have to wait a couple of weeks for results.

I have just collected my latest blood tests results and thought it was strange how low my FT3 and FT4 were? I take 1 grain (60mg) a day.


TSH 0.53

FT3 4.2

FT4 10.1

I was not given the reference ranges but I believe the FT3 starts at 4 and FT4 at 9?

If anyone can shed some light on these results I would be most grateful as I feel with the TSH I can't increase the dose?

Many thanks


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  • The TSH is irrelevant. Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement, it doesn't matter how low it goes - doctors think it does, but it doesn't. And, when you are taking NDT, the only important number is the FT3. You certainly look as if you need an increase!