Help with test results please

Hi I recently had partial thyroidectomy & had tests done 2 weeks ago TSH 1.47 (0.35-4.94) and FT4 11.4 (9.0-22.00). I have been feeling worse with headaches, light headed, tingling legs & feet from knee downwards including really cold, fatigue etc. I had more blood tests today with a more detailed thyroid panel so should get results on Thursday when seeing endocrinologist but would be grateful for some advice to go with. Are my levels normal or is the FT4 on the low side & may be causing hypo symptoms? Thank you for your help

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  • Without doubt your t4 level is low

    TSH is relatively low but that could be result of central /pituarity hypothyroid rather than more usual primary hypothyroid where TSH rises dramatically trying to kick a failing or missing thyroid

    On the face of what you have said so far it seems your severely hypothyroid

    The added possibility is parathyroids were damaged in the operation

    Lets hope the furthur tests help throw light on things

  • You might be experiencing temporary Hypocalcemia after surgery. You should ask to have your calcium levels checked.

  • Thanks I have been checked twice since op and they were ok but will see what they are like this week

  • Are you on meds?

  • No not currently taking anything other than supplements but was confirmed hashimotos thanks

  • Hi,

    you really need to know your T3 level,if that is o.k. then it doesn't always matter if the T4 is on the low side.If they haven't already tested this then you need to ask for it to be tested.

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