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Where to get T3/NDT

Hi Everyone

I am still struggling with lots of Hypo symptoms, even though I have been on 100mcg Levo for over a year. I have just had an appt with GP to ask for a increase in dose as my FT3 is quite low in range at 4.5 (3.1 - 6.8). The GP flatly refused any increase as my TSH is currently 0.45 (0.27 - 4.2).

I told him of all the symptoms I still have and he told me that I would probably have all of them even if I didn't have Hashi's.??? I am 47 yrs old and find that hard to believe. He basically said he could not give me anything else, and that I should get out and about and walk more! I have now decided to self treat with either T3 or NDT, and would be very grateful if anyone could pm me with more info on this. I really cannot be bothered with GP surgery any more!

Many Thanks

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They've no clue that a small increase can alleviate symptoms. The TSH is meaninlgess and one doctor/researcher wrote an article called 'The Tyranny of the TSH' meaning we were kept unwell due to the whereabouts of the TSH.

If I were you I'd add a little T3 to your T4. You'd have to source your own and if you put up another post asking for a Private Message to be sent to you with info.

Doctors pay no attention to our FT3 and believe if everything is within the 'normal range' we're on sufficient hormones but T3 is the one needed in our receptor cells.


Thanks Shaws

I have been told there is no chance of being prescribed anything else. So more or less have to put up with symptoms! I think I will try T3 first but, I don't really want to tell the GP that I am taking it. I am sure they will refuse to monitor me. Thanks again for getting back to me.


I am completely free of symptoms now.

All you need to do is try adding some T3 to your T4 and if it benefits you you can then tell your GP what you're doing.

Many feel much improved with the addition of T3.

Besides, as the blood tests the NHS use are for levo only and if we add T3 the T4 will be lowered but doctors don't understand this, I believe.

It would appear the NHS has stopped in many areas prescribing T3 to patients.

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Thank you for the link, I think I will try T3 first as it may be easier to get past the GP at test time!


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