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Where to get NDT

I want to try NDT, as I have been feeling pants for a few months on 75 levo, after dropping it and raising it again when I went 'hyper' in January. Additional T3 did not work properly, although I did get nice 'normal' feelings whilst I was on it occasionally, despite the horrible 'hyper' effects. I have noticed however that, since then, the swollen painful gland under my left arm has gone down. I am awaiting TFTs at the GP and seeing Dr. A. B-H. next week re my high cortisol and hormone issues.

Could someone PM me with a supplier of Naturethyroid or Thiroyd, as I have read here that Thyroid S and Erfa have a long shelf life and can leave you feeling 'hypo'?Opinions on that would be welcome.

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Hi Scazzoh Can I make a suggestion? Hold back on ordering any NDT until after your consultation with Dr B-H. Have you filled in the questionnaire and put your thyroid meds down? She will probably also discuss those.

She will make suggestions about your adenals and hormones and may suggest something about your thyroid meds as I'm sure they will be discussed.

I'm not saying don't try it, just don't want you spending your money on NDT at the moment when she might have a different idea that could work well for you, and you might find following her advice re your adrenals and hormones could well make a difference with your thyroid anyway :)

I was all set to continue increasing my T3 that I added to my Levo, and monitoring with self testing, but I decided to give the supplements she recommended time to take effect, and 5 months later I can certainly tell there's a difference in how I feel.

By the way, the supplements she does suggest are all top end, food state, whole food, bioavailable ones, not cheap ones with cheap ingredients (see why I suggested holding off spending your money on NDT at the moment :) ). The cost of them adds up so shop around for them, I've just got 3 for 2 on some of those I take as Cytoplan have had a special offer this month.

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Hi Susie, thanks for that suggestion. Yes, I have filled in the forms she sent me, including the diet and lifestyle sheets and sent a list of the supplements I take. I am afraid I am getting impatient (not a good quality to have when it comes to thyroid problems), as I have seen two rubbish doctors this year, been diagnosed with a virus, anxiety disorder and CFS and feel I am getting nowhere. I have just read your profile, so you know very well what that feels like. I have also started anti-depressants three days ago, reluctantly, so am feeling particularly pants at the mo. I am trying to see it as a short term measure until hopefully I feel better with Dr. B-H,'s help. The tips on the supplements are very helpful too. Thanks. S


((( Scazzoh ))) hugs, hang on in there. Let me know how your appointment goes, and if you are going to get some supplements she recommends I did find some places with the best prices so just ask :)

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Who is Dr B-H please and in what area



Alyssa Burns-Hill, not a medical doctor but a nutritionist and hormone specialist. She operates from London and Jersey and does Skype. She is on Thyroid UK's recommended list of practitioners. She does not prescribe.


I've found Dr B-H to be less than useless. Yes she gets you to spend copious amounts of money on extremely expensive supplements which did nothing for me. I would question her blood sampling methods as I had some replicated with Blue Horizon and the results were very different from Dr B-H finger prick tests. She got me lowering my Hydrocortisone even though I have now have a diagnosis of Addisons Disease. She had me lowering my thyroid meds when in fact they needed increasing. I was left feeling fleeced, extremely ill and unsupported as she was often difficult to get hold of. She's very charming and nice when you do speak with her but I was not impressed.


Hi Punch, O dear, that doesn't sound very good. Did you complain to Thyroid UK as she is still on their list. I am looking for help with high cortisol and though she might be able to 'supervise' the process. I am not confident about doing it on my own. How did you find out your thyroid meds needed increasing, then? Do you see someone else or self-medicate? I didn't do well when I tried T3 so am thinking about NDT, but have high cortisol. My main symptom at the moment is extreme fatigue.


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