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Unable to get T3 tested

Having been diagnosed last July with hypothyroidism and later Hashimoto's my levothyroxine was gradually increased from 75mcg to 100mcg. My next test showed that my TSH and T4 were in range despite me not feeling at all well. I was referred to an Endo by which time I had increased my dose myself to 125mcg and started to feel a lot better. I told the Endo what I had done and he agreed that despite being in range it was right to continue on 125mcg if I felt better on that dose. I asked him, like I had asked my own GP, if I could have my T3 measured. My GP said the lab wouldn't do it and the Endo said he didn't believe that a T3 test proved anything. He said a recent study had proved that it was only necessary to measure T4. I complained about my weight gain - over 2 stones, and that whatever I did I couldn't shift it so if my T3 was measured then surely it would show if I was converting T4 and hence show that my metabolism was

/wasn't working. Fatigue was and still is a major problem. I got nowhere. That was back in early December.

By the beginning of February I was starting to feel quite ill again and lots of my old symptoms returned. As a result I increased my levo to 150mcg. It doesn't seem to have made very much difference. I am hesitant about returning to my GP to request another blood test as they don't seem to understand the bigger picture of hypothyroidism and if my results are in range they won't prescribe the 150mcg I am now on. I have enough to continue taking 150 for another month.

What can I do to get my T3 measured or get someone to listen. Would taking kelp help?

I am at my wits end!

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Unfortunately like many of us you are having difficulty getting NHS to test ft3.

Really the way forward for this usually results in us having to get the ft3 tested privately.


From my own experience,you need to find an Endocrinologist who is in favour of the need for FT3 testing in order to see whether you need the addition of some T3.

( possible lack of conversion of your T4 toT3 the active hormone)

My Endo prescribed my first month of T3 Liothyronine and then the repeat prescription was passed over to my GP who has prescribed it for the last 2 years.

I wouldn't like to comment on taking kelp!

I think it would be best to get a true picture of what your thyroid is doing and get properly medicated.


Additional Kelp is a controversial subject for people with Hashimotos.


I gave up trying to get my T3 tested. It started off on my blood txt request form - authorised by my endo and ignored by the lab. By the end of my course of block and replace treatment no one was even requesting it. In the end I opted for the very wonderful Blue Horizon home fingerpick test kit and never looked back.

There are several options you can get depending on how much you want to pay but for peace of mind and to save getting screwed up every time your T3 is ignored, it's worth every penny.


I'm so pleased to hear this as I've just ordered a test kit from Blue Horizon and about to do it this coming week :-)


If you test yourself or pay privately do GPs acknowledge and act on the results?


I've done my Blue Horizon test, did it last Thursday morning, posted it special delivery and go the results emailed to me Friday afternoon. The results show I have a high level of thyroid peroxidase antibodies which apparently means I have Hashimotos. As I already have Coeliac Disease (diagnosed over 40 years ago) which is another auto immune disorder, I am going to take these blood results to the GP. So will see what they say. I haven't had an antibody test for some years via the surgery.


Good luck with your GP. I had a blood test today and will see him next week so I would be interested to hear what your GP says about your private results. Did you test T3?


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