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where to buy T3

I live in the UK and am wondering where I could purchase T3 if I need it - still waiting blood results - not doing too great just now but want to be ready as GP not actually helpful. Same old story.  Also I strongly feel my vitamin etc. levels are in need of boosting, all being tested by Blue Horizan at the moment. I am wary of anything synthetic so any sources known and trusted would be greatly appreciated.

Oh! I am Pa and Hypo - auto immune if that is relevant.

thank you

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T3 (liothyronine) is also synthetic. Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones contain all of the hormones which our own healthy thyroid would produce. T4/T3/T3/T2/T1 (last 3 in very small amounts).

p.s. I've amended your post slightly.


If you post your test results, with reference ranges, when you receive them busterboy then members will give you guidance on how to adjust your dose of levothyroxine if you find you need to start to taking T3. Or give you guidance on natural dessicated thyroid if that is what you'd prefer.

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