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Right side pain

Slightly off hypothyroidism topic but I have been suffering with quite severe abdominal pain on the right hand side for the last 2 months. Blood tests reveal nothing, ditto urine sample and an ultrasound scan. I am taking antibiotics (day 3 today) and fybogel as the Dr's best guess is it is IBS/diverticulitis although she doesn't really know. Possibly appendix although not classic symptoms. The pain becomes unbearable as the day goes on and I have to take a lot of painkillers. I am meant to be going on holiday to Africa in 10 days time! Has anyone else suffered anything similar and what do you do about it? Particularly frustrating as I am feeling a little better on my higher dose of thyroxine. Help. Don't know which way to turn and people on here are generally helpful with good advice so just thought I would ask as I am getting desperate.

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AliF I'm sorry I have nothing useful say about what you are going through other than 2 months is a long time to be in pain and have no answers :( .

What does come to mind though, I assume you have travel insurance. I would look at the terms and conditions of the policy because, heaven forbid that anything happens whilst you are away but you'd need to know that you are covered. I think if you develop anything after taking out the policy that is under investigation then they need to be informed. Medical expenses overseas can be very expensive if the insurance company has a reason to wriggle out of paying.


Sadly no travel insurance. If i am like this next week I won't be going. Wouldn't enjoy it - too much pain and too worried about what might happen. One of those things. Have to put it down to experience. Thank you for replying though. Your kind words are much appreciated.


Hasnt your Dr suggested a colonoscopy? Hope you manage to solve the problem soon.


Hi Tigreg Thanks for your reply. It has been mentioned and I may end up having one but not before I am hoping to go on holiday. Just hoping it settles down enough to allow me to go!


A colonoscopy has been mentioned but not in the next week. Just hoping it subsides sufficiently to allow me to go on my hols.


Hi AliF - I don't think it is acceptable for your GP to say her "best guess is"......

As you say you have been suffering with extreme pain for 2 months. My advice would be next time you have the pain, don't take the pain killers, but go straight to A & E and get them to find out what is going on ! Not exactly the trip you were hoping to take......but at least you don't need travel insurance to go to A& E. Good luck - hope you get it sorted.


Thanks for replying. The pains are fairly constant - just get worse as the day goes on. I don't have any gynae stuff as had a total hysterectomy about 8 years ago so I know it's not that. It is probably bowel and probably ibs.

Just very painful - not cramps but intense pain.

Thanks for all of your advice and for taking the time to reply.


Oh dear AliF - how awful for you. Constant excruciating pain should not have to be tolerated. I do hope you get it sorted. 🌝🌝


Thanks Bernie51. Me too!


Hi, I can empathise with the lower right abdominal pain you're going through. Mine started appx 6 yrs ago. I have chronic bladder problems / cystitis , so for a long time this seemed like the appropriate diagnosis, then gynae problems, blamed on menopause kicked in on top, so it became a chronic pelvic pain diagnosis by GP. At the time the GP told me that this type of pain can be down to a number of health problems and it can time to diagnose, especially in women, as there's so much going on in pelvis. As the pain increased, I had an exploratory laparoscopy , which diagnosed pelvic congestion syndrome as a result of varicose veins around the ovarian veins. I then waited 2 years for a pelvic vein embolism , which is far less invasive than previous treatment ( hysterectomy). I had the embolism op last year. I didn't recover well and pain increased. 2 months later, after several bouts of antibiotics for suspected urine infection , GP sent me to a and e , as I was in extreme pain. I was told it seemed to be appendicitis . I spent 4 days in hospital having gynae scans , CT scan, blood tests and pain management . Everything came back clear . Bowels were queried, had a conoloscopy, no major problem there either (apart from iBS) . Recommended I went back to interventional radiologists I saw for pelvic vein embolism. By the time I saw them, I couldn't even walk, kept passing out and was a mess and could only travel by ambulance lying flat out, sitting up was not an option. I was admitted via a and e again on an outpatient appointment (all a bit dramatic) to a different hospital, same tests all over again... Doctors suggested pelvic clearance as a radical suggestion or have another pelvic vein embolism, but no idea if this would help at all. In short term, I compromised due to medical pressure and had right ovary and Fallopian tube removed. It helped a bit, but still I was in a lot of pain. I had a second pelvic vein embolism performed in March this year. This op found more varicies and treated them. After this op, I managed to function more and gradually the pain has eased. Physio helped me to get more movement and gradually I am able to walk a lot more and exercise again, which is a huge relief, but it's still a process.

I am telling you about my story with pelvic pain, so you are aware it's not an easy thing to diagnose and can take time. I find it all more manageable now. During the course of this, I have been diagnosed with auto immune problems, which possibly wouldn't have happened without so many tests for my pain problems / symptons, throwing up other issues. My advice is also to ensure you have a supportive GP, or you could spend a lot of time being fobbed off . but I have to praise my GP who has helped me through. ( I changed my GP once I realised the support I would need to get referred, tested and generally be taken seriously , was lacking with my previous ) . Secondly, if radical invasive surgery is suggested, as with me, if there are other options , do some research and weigh up your decisions, if there is no diffinitive answer from medical professionals. I am relieved I didn't have the total pelvic clear out . It would have been a difficult recovery with my autoimmune dysfunction and may have caused many more problems.

In the meantime , good luck and hope you get some answers and help, as I have. The path to recovery goes on, but at least I am improving and not in agony any more.


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