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Is this Gallbladder problems? Dizziness, Nausea, and pain in right leg, and stomach?

I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. I am now taking 75 Thyroxine, which was slowly increased from 25 over the last 8 months.

However I am still getting problems with severe nausea, dizziness, cloudy head, migraine and pain which travels from my under my right ribs, across my left shoulder, and immense cramping and nerve pain in my groin, down my right leg. The pain is intense and I cannot lift my right leg. The only way to relieve the pain is to lay on the bed on my left side to take the pressure off my stomach (appendix and groin area) The pain is a very horse cold cramp.

This has happened so many times, and usually within a day or so after eating a thai curry. The Dizziness & Nausea seems to last for over a week after.

I am pissed of with my Doctor as when I reported this she just looked at me like I was a hypochondriac and said I should go on anti depressants as I have a long term illness. It is so frustrating this seems to be the answer to every complaint nowadays. It was the reason I got so ill with my Thyroid that I nearly went into a coma, because the Doctor kept saying take happy pills, and ignored my other symptoms I was having.

I have had a lap, and other investigation procedures, but not the one down the throat. Now because I have had these and the pain has returned its like, oh that problem again , but you have been to hospital and the pain went. Yeah so what , its now back, so what is causing it, and don't say depression to me again !

I have been fine for 5 months by avoiding foods, but I am concerned now, that I will get fobbed off again, and my pain in my appendix area and down my leg has returned, even though I thought being on the Thyroxine would stop this pain. The only reason I have not had the pain for a while is I have not had any coffee, chocolate, tea, sugar, yeast, alcohol, chilly or spices, fatty meat, cheese for over 8 months since I got ill and under investigation at hospital.

So I can only think the link is the Thai Curry or Chilli I had that has started this episode again.

My partner is convinced that I have a gall bladder issue that keeps returning after I introduce spices.

I appear to get vile coming up if I eat these types of food, so bad sometimes I can't breath and cough constantly, severe wind, then pain in my right side under my ribs. then it appears to move to my groin /appendix area, and sometime sever pain down my right leg to the point that I cannot lift my right leg at all.

Can anyone advise on this, my pain has subsided today so I can at least walk about, but I am very dizzy today and feel odd, and nauseous yet again. I can still feel tightness and pain in my lower stomach and lower back although it is bearable today, as long as I don't lift anything. My last episode lasted 6 days.

Any Help anyone ?

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I don't know if this will be helpful. Cursor down to the date September 6, 2001


This is another link re Gallbladder


Have you tried avoiding gluten? Could also be pernicious anaemia

Remember the nhs gets extra funding if they can put you down as having mental health issues and get you onto anti depressants


Sounds more like IBS than gallbladder to me. I had g.bladder problems,the pain was very bad but only around middle to right front only although I have heard you can feel the liver pain in the back.x


Sorry you are suffering Tallmiss. One thing Dr S said, to me was you need B vitamins to help the digestion work, particularly B12. Had some similar problems to you, mine had been ongoing for over 20 years with no answer, then my appendix flared big time, even after op still have problems. In desperation I looked for some help and found this Amazonian plant, Chanca Piedra, meaning breaking of the stone, I buy the tea off Amazon. It is good for the gall bladder and kidney stones, plus digestion and urinary tract, I felt a real benefit from it. I felt a popping sensation under my rib after taking it and think I had grit rather than gall stones, but lost that pain under my rib.

On the subject of spices it could be an aggravating factor, try laying off them. Also wonder if it is the thyroxine in part giving you nausea and wind, maybe you are having trouble converting, digesting thyroxine have your tried NDT? I've had to take some thyroxine, after taking NDT for years and nausea and wind are back. Just a thought. It is really miserable when the doctors don't know the answer.

I also use Bio Care Bio Acididophilus to help digestive system.


Hi Jade, thank you so much for your reply, Yes this tends to flare up if I have chilli or spices or coffee. They were going to take my appendix out when I had the lap, but because I was SO constipated on the day of my operation (isn't that typical) they had to leave it in, But said it could be a grumbling appendix. Apparently pain down your right leg is a sign of this.

I am on Gluten free foods as well and I have cut everything I can think of out of my diet. It took 5 months after taking Thyroxine until I could eat chicken again.

I have had a blood test done last week before this flare up, so hopefully this will show the vitamin deficiencies I may have.

I must say the pain in my appendix area and down my leg was pretty awful to the point I could not think of anything else, I woke up this morning looking pretty knackered. ( I am off sick at the moment)

Thank you for the tip on the tea… it this one

I have read the reviews, some people have said it tastes nasty…..what do you think? I will try anything if it means not being in that sort of pain again. That has to be the worst I have experienced so far. I felt like someone had pliers on my groan muscle. My stomach is tender today. I know this is not IBS , as my side near my kidneys feels sore if I bend down.

Many thanks



I've p'md you.


Yes I am gluten free and have been for over 7 months, which has made the swelling go down. I know I get some forms of IBS if I eat yeast or sugar, but the pain I had near my appendix and nerve pain right down my leg is not IBS. I will have to see if this subsides this week, and tell the specialist that the pain has returned.


Thanks Bluedaffodil, I havent heard of Pernicious Anaemia , I will certainly ask questions when I go to see the specialist on Friday. Yes I a, Gluten free and have been since I started getting sick 8 months ago, This has helped but I do think my appendix was really pissed off yesterday. I will not go anyway near chilli again. All my friends think is it the Gall Bladder and in turn inflaming my appendix. There must be a nerve somewhere near my appendix that caused the severe pain last night. I am still feeling sore but at least the sever pain in my right leg and groin have gone, just lingering mild soreness pain in the lower abdomen now.

I will have to just keep asking questions. Sometimes its the only way to get the answers.

It seems Hashimoto has a lot of elements which make your life complicated health wise. Its not the case of taking one tablet and then all is ok.

Thanks of you reply, most helpful




I suggest that you have a read of the following links before Friday. Few doctors are much good at understanding Pernicious Anaemia. It is quite common for those with Hashimoto's to also have at least some stomach issues which affect B12.

Charity supporting people with B12 Deficiency.

Charity that exists to provide Information, Help and Support to sufferers of Pernicious Anaemia and B12 Deficiency, their families and friends.

An information hub site which brings together all the key sites for B12 deficiency.



Thank you Rod, I am looking at these now, very interesting.


Hi everyone,

Well here is an update. I have seen my Thyroid Specialist at the Whittington, and he has advised that my Thyroid is under control now, my TSH level has dropped from over 3.2 to 2.2 which is good. All my other levels seem to but much better and less serious as they were a few months ago.

The only issue is with my Vitamin D which has dropped slightly again so I am now on 2000ul Vitamin D a day, and my Iron levels have dropped again, so I am on tablets for that. However he said the iron tablets do upset patients stomachs causing bloating and wind, and to let me know if it does it to me as well.

He also stated that he thinks I may have Gall Bladder problems, either I had a stone pass, or I have crystals forming. So I am now waiting to be referred back to the Gastro Clinic and await my Ultra Sound to see if anything comes up. I have been given medication for Nausea, and medication to ease the soreness.

I will have further tests in June in full and he has requested that the B12 levels be tested as well on my next blood teat as it is best he said to check every possibility and all my other levels. So Hopefully the Whittington Hospital will find out what is wrong eventually.

I am feeling much better, the dizziness and nausea is getting less every day, and I will never touch a Thai Curry again ! I have gone back to basics and my slow cooker is now cooking basic stews every other day, so I am eating some good slow cooked chicken with no fats etc.

I still get anxiety and stress sometimes but I will see if the Herbal remedies the Gynaecologist has suggested from Helios will help. Agnus Castus, Damiana and Squaw Vine.

Thank you everyone for your contribution and advise you have offered.

Wishing you all good health



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