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Thyroid Gold - any info?

Has anyone had any experience with using Thyroid gold? (Can't publish link here apparently). Allegedly it's NZ desiccated thyroid extract - 150mg or 300mg.

I have been using NZ compounded T3/T4 NDT but it is very expensive plus postage, VAT etc.

I have emailed them for confirmation of T3/T4 strengths etc but they seem unable/unwilling to confirm this.

They are willing to give out advice about dosage which they aren't qualified to give me (IMO) - but can't clarify their own product details which makes me suspicious.

Can anyone comment ??

Thank you

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julia00 This recent post about Thyroid Gold might help

If you want a NDT the Thai ones seem to help a lot of people, are reasonably priced and easily sourced from overseas - Thyroid-S, Thiroyd and TR are all non prescription and easily sourced for UK people. You can see their ingredients here

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Thyro-gold is a non-prescriptive thyroid hormone replacement. It was invented by Dr John Lowe who died suddenly and his wife, Tammy, runs the Thyro-gold website. It is authentic and Dr Lowe who would never prescribe anything but NDT or T3 for his patients. He was also an Adviser to our website.

I know it comes in 300 and 150 doses and it is quite strong. The 'effect' of thyroid hormones is different for everyone and it is always trial and error. If we've never been taking it before we start on the smallest dose and gradually increase every few weeks till we feel better. Taking pulse/temp as a guidelines. If either goes to fast/high drop to be previous dose.

Tammy cannot give advice as she's not medically qualified, as I am as well.

Usually you can switch from your dose of levothyroxine to an equivalent in NDT etc. NDTs are usually measure in grains but not Thyro-gold. It's made from grass-fed cows. This is an excerpt:

This is a very tough question for. Each event in our lives define who we have become …. the very essence of who we are today is a culmination of the events, tragedies, triumphs, challenges that have brought us to where we are today. It took years of what I am playfully calling medical abuse for me to “jump off the plane” and free fall (so to speak)…And make the change from Synthroid (T4 only) to Nature Throid and eventually To Thyro Gold. It took me getting to my lowest point where my son was so upset, he thought I didn’t want to play with him, my family thought I was ignoring them, my loved ones thought I was playing sick to get out of social events. I quite literally had NOTHING to lose and everything to gain. I was about to lose my job. So, I look at it like this:

Some hints:

Thyroid hormones should be taken on an empty stomach first thing with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating. Food interferes with the uptake of the hormones.

It can also be taken at bedtime as long as you've last eaten about 3 hours previously.

When you have blood tests for thyroid hormones, they should be the very earliest possible, and fasting although you can drink water. Leave about 24 hours between your last dose of hormones and the test as this allows the TSH to be at its highest and that is mainly what the doctor uses to adjust hormones.

Always get a print-out of the results with the rangs for your own records. Ranges are important as labs differ.



Because ThyroGold doesn't specify the T4/T3 content it can be sold over the counter as a supplement. If they did specify how much active T4/T3 was in ThyroGold it would require a pharmaceutical licence and a prescription would be required.


i can tell u this, i never tried it but someone who uses it said that 100mg t4 is equivalent to 300 mcg of thyroid gold and they recommend taking in one morning dose rather than split so it is absorbed better on a completely empty stomach......hope that helps....


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