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I've lost all the hair on my arms, legs, underarms, and down yonder, too. I thought it was due to menopause (I'm 67), but now I think it's thyroid! My test always comes back within "normal" levels, too, but that's because the labs never check for the WHOLE thyroid panel, including T3 and T4. They only test for the TSH levels. So, I'm fighting w/my doctor to think outside the "box" and give me the damn thyroid medication! I have so many other symptoms, too...weight gain, fatigue, etc. and she just tells me it's my age. I do not believe her.

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Why not have the tests done privately through Thyroid UK....

Are you taking any other medications ? Have you had B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD - Iron tested ? Low Iron can make you feel tired and LOW B12 often mimics being Hypo :-)

sweetsusie in reply to Marz

Thanks for the quick response, Marz. I'm not taking any medications. I do take 2,000 IU of Vitamin D because mine is very low if I don't. Doctor told me I'd have to take it for the rest of my life. I'll check out the website!

Marz in reply to sweetsusie

Why not have the other tests done I suggested - if they are low in range then I think it points towards being Hypo - if not now in the future. What was your so called normal TSH ? What was your VitD result ?

OOPS! Just deleted my comment! OK..I will have those other tests done. My TSH level reads 3.327...doc. didn't order any of the other thyroid tests, unfortunately. I tried to get her to do that, but no luck. My vitamin D level was less than 4, but now, as of March it's 35.

Your vit D was extremely low and is still much too low given its the summer and there is some sun . You did not give lab ranges but mine was 75-200 for sufficient Vit D.

sweetsusie in reply to Treepie

Really? 35 is still too low? Not according to my stupid doctor. 20 to 96 ng/mL is the range this particular lab goes by. If I take more than 2,000 IU daily, I get hot flashes and night sweats...was taking 5,000 IU daily before, but couldn't take the symptoms. I hardly ever go out in the Sun.

faith63 in reply to sweetsusie

That being said about low will not cause you to lose your hair and all kinds of intolerances happen when Hypo, which i think you must be!

Getting 20?mins of sun a day is the best source - when available!

Labs have different ranges for all tests it seems which is not helpful and is why in order for the experts on here to comment the ranges are needed and in this case the units which you did not give , hence my wrong opinion - sorry.

In detail the lab mine went too had < 25 insufficient, 25-75 borderline to insufficient, 75-200 optimally replete, > 200 possible toxicity if maintained. These were nmol/L

I have googled to try to convert your result into my lab ranges and it comes to about 88 .

On this basis your doc is right .Even so a bit more would be good as being Hypo depletes vitamins, except I note unfortunately it makes you ill. Try to get more sun.

I agree, as we age it is vital we get out in the sun, I find that sitting for 20 minutes is enough, I have even slowly tanned but not burnt with this small amount of time, of course this does not appeal to everybody. We also need daylight to increase our feel good serotonin levels. I am amazed at how many senior people I know who avoid sunlight not realising this affects their vit D levels.

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sweetsusie in reply to Hidden

Yes, Kathmax...the doctors always think it's because women are getting older. We're all put into the same "bucket," and it's very frustrating. I think I'll just give up the fight until my TSH level is way high. Right now it's 3.27 and that's within their "normal" range. Maybe once I hit 5 or 6, they'll do something to help me. I was very active...climbed many 14,000 ft. mountains, hiked 3-4 times a week with mountains that are close to me, avid waterskier, etc. But now I can barely get off my couch.

I'm sorry to hear about your thyroid and I hope your doctor will listen to your concerns about the fatigue. Maybe you have found one that actually has "ears."

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