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Newbie looking for opinion on results

Hi, I'm new to the forum but have read a number of posts offering useful advice around results and hoping I can be on the receiving end of some sage advice this time.

My results are:

Feb 2016

Ft4: 9.5. Tsh: 9.37

At this point started 50mg of levo

April 2016

Ft4: 11.1. Tsh: 2.96

July 2016

Ft4: 10.7. Tsh: 3.96

Increased dose to 75mg

Sept 2016

Ft4: 11.5. Tsh: 5.31

I decided to increase my dose to 100mg whilst waiting for the results as I felt so terrible.

Above results set against a range of 7.0 - 17 for ft4 and 0.2 -4.5 for tsh.

I've since had a wider range of tests done on t3, iron vitamin b etc and have been told they're 'normal'....a word I have come to realise is utterly over and misused. Awaiting a print out of that.

I have felt drained of energy and at times border on a walking zombie. I am 38 years old, male and in a very hectic job and family that matches that for chaos levels.

Any opinions on the above much appreciated as I intend to get a referral to a private specialist next.



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You are very under-dosed as your TSH is rising at your last test instead of lowering and most of us feel best with a TSH of 1 or lower. At September, your TSH is 5.31 'above' the normal range. Mind you the BTA guidelines are quite happy for patients not to be diagnosed until the TSH reaches 10 and I don't know what planet they're on but it's certainly not a thyroid one :)

Your blood tests should be at the very earliest possible and fasting although you can drink water. Also leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. This allows the TSH to be at its highest as it drops during the day which may mean the doctor adjusts your dose down.

Also ask for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too as we are usually deficient. Everything has to be optimal.

Email who has a list of Endos.


Hi there, I can only comment on the TSH that is the only reading I know about. After seeing an Endo myself on the NHS, he has said the TSH should be between 0.5 and 2. Anything over that you need to adjust meds. I always ask for a print out of my blood tests, they cannot refuse they are your records. Hope that helps. T


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