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Will Hypothyroid symptoms get worse when Adrenals get better ????

Hi All, currently seeing a private consultant, had my thyroid blood test results and also cortisol results.... Thyroid results elude to Hypothyroid, cortisol result equate to 1st stages of Adrenal fatigue syndrome (high cortisol, low DHEA). Currently on Vit c , Vit D, MK7, B12, B Complex, Magnesium, Melatonin, L-tryptopan... and DHEA. Just started DHEA this week... actually feeling gone backwards.... having low moods and tearful (just cannot stop)... Been on the vits about a month... wondering if this is sign my adrenals getting better ? which is now making my thyroid problems worse.... anyone any experience of this ?? as at the moment feel stuck like this but hoping the DHEA will eventually sort the adrenals ... and then improve the thyroid... thanks Y

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I''m sorry you are feeling a bit despondent but we get low when we don't feel even a small benefit and things seem such a struggle as we are 'doing-it-ourselves' mostly.

Vitamin C also lowers high cortisol and other members will respond to the other points you made.


It might help people to comment if you posted your actual results - with the ranges.

I don't think DHEA 'sorts' adrenals. It's just a replacement hormone, like levo. You need to nourish your adrenals - plenty of vit C, B vits and salt. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. And have a high protein breakfast as soon as you get up.

I don't think adrenals getting better makes hypo symptoms worse, either. I think you're probably under-medicated - being weepy is a hypo symptom. What are you taking for your thyroid problems? And how much?

It will take a lot longer than a month for vitamins to have any effect.

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Hi greygoose, thanks for the reply, my results were posted on my previous posts...

Aware DHEA won't sort the adrenals ... but help with the start of rebalancing of hormones...

Currently taking 2000mg vit c slow release with rose hips per day, Jarrow b-right complex, b12-methyl..

Not currently receiving anything for the hypo at the moment, starting on the adrenals 1st and then the hypo

Ref DHEA , 25 mg per day

Should I be taking more vit c ? anything else to help ??




You can take up to 5000 mg vit C. Don't forget the salt! Seems to me that everything these days is low salt, reduced salt. People are afraid of salt! But the adrenals need it. Good salt, that is, pink Himalayan or sea salt. Not refined table salt.

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