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Blood test results

Hi all can someone please tell me what my results mean.

TSH - 12.12 (0.3-5) recent erratic compliance or under replaced

T4 - 11.2 (12.22)

T3 - 3.4 (3.2-6.8)

Serum ferritin - 20 (15-300)

Serum B12 - 523 (180-700)

Vit D - 46

Haematrocit - 0.346 ( 0.37- 0.47)

Red blood cell - 3.9 (3.8-5.8)

Doc said my T3 levels are fine!! I was on 125mcg and now on 150mcg. I have also started taking the 50,000 iu of vit d. Having constant swallowing problems and have noticed chin area swollen although it looks like a double chin I can swear that there is more to it than it looks.

I await your responses. Much appreciated.

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Starbegum, you don't have much information on your profile, i.e. when diagnosed and how long have you been taking thyroid hormones?

How ignorant are doctors who pronounce that your T3 is 'fine' when it is at the bottom of the range. Your T4 is 'below range'. Let's face it - he is an ignorant doctor. Did he increase your levo by 25mcg after the recent blood test?

I think you may have to change doctors and hope the next one has a bit of common sense.

Your TSH has to come down to around 1, so you definitely need more increases.

Another member will comment on your Ferritin. You could supplement with B12 methylcobalamin sublingual tablets to raise your B12 to around 1,000 which is the new recommendation.

Did you have the test at the very earliest and fast? Did you allow approx 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test?


Hiya. I did a post before about my levels and when i was diagnosed. Have been underactive for 6 yrs. The rheumatoid consultant actually told me best to change docs. I was on 125 and after tests has moved me up to 150 although personally i feel i should be on a higher dosage


Thanks StarBegum, it's just that when you put a short history in your Profile then we don't have to go through all the previous questions asked to see what diagnosis was etc as it is easier for members to refer to the Profile.

With your results above, I think you should be on a higher dose as well, as you've been diagnosed six years ago and your TSH is still 12. You definitely need your dose increased.

Your TSH should be around 1 not over the actual number for initial diagnosis as that, in itself, is a ridiculous 10. Other countries diagnose around 3+. UK is very backward.


Also i left a few days without levo to do test just so that it wasnt in my system


A few days could well have been enough to give you the results you got. Most people leave 24 hours, definitely no more, when taking Levo.

This could also be the reason the lab suggested you might not be complying with your doctor's prescription.

How many days did you go without Levo before the test?


2 days. I literally had to call the doc up to send me for tests. Doc wouldnt even print out results...i had to take a screenshot after much persuasion


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