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New here - blood results from european lab - not sure how to compare with everyone's results being posted

Hi there, not sure if I have a thyroid problem, iron deficiency et al or not. Have had blood tests taken recently and am trying to understand them before going back to see the doctor.

Lots of people post their results and the ranges but it doesn't say how they are measured. EG my T4 free is shown in ng/dL and the result is .84 with a range of .80-2.20;

How does this compare with UK measures and ranges? (from reading I am aware that each lab might have different ranges). My other results are:

my TSH is shown as 45.82 mUI/L with a range of 0.47-4.68; B12 is 591 pg/ml with a range of 239-931; Iron is 58 ug/dL with a range of 50-170 (the u has a longer stroke at the beginning); Ferritin is 48 ug/dl with a range of 10-120.

I have tried to look on Google and obtain the way to change the measures but I don't know the UK ranges and measures to be able to compare.

If anyone can assist me I would appreciate it. thanks

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Fran6500 It's more a case of where you fall within your range rather than comparing the different ranges.

With your TSH, at 45.82 with a range of 0.47-4.68, you are way over the top of the range and this indicates hypothyroidism.

Your free T4 at 0.84 with a range of.80-2.20 you are barely creeping into the bottom of the range. Again an indication of hypo.

Ferritin should be half way through it's range which is 65 with your range and yours is only 48.

B12 at 591pg/ml converts to 436 pmol/L but you can see it is only just over half way through your range. As the Pernicious Anaemia Society recommends 1000 then converted to pmol/L there is a long way to go.

I can't comment on iron because I do know about iron levels as such, just ferritin.

So your results show you have hypothyroidism (over range TSH confirms this), plus ferritin and B12 need supplementing.

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Susie, thank you so much for your response. I made a typo with the TSH - it is 5.82 not 45.82! sorry. It is still a little higher than the range, is it enough to worry about?

Vitamin D is low also. Cant believe that with all the sun bathing I do do! But just reading about low D and the effect on sleep which is a major problem for me.

Not sure what the response will be here (Portugal). Private health care so able to discuss the results fully with the doctor and will take your advice and anything below or outside of the range, i will ask for further info or action on.

Many thanks.


Fran6500 Is your TSH enough to worry about? Well, that depends on how you feel. If you have symptoms of hypo then yes. You certainly need to be supplementing Vit D as well then.


I have general fatigue and low low mood; but am able to run and go to the gym; have had a very stressful 12 to 15 months and feel adrenal fatigue is part of the problem. Bad sleep pattern generally so don't always wake up feeling as if I have had any! And problems with my digestive process. Overall, all could be related to the thyroid if I read the symptons but ....

Two years ago had very low ferritin levels which I think the blood test incorrectly measured. The previous day a finger prick test said it was extremely low - the following day on a full blood test it was shown as normal. Now I look at the test results, I think I should have gone with my gut and asked for it to be re-done.

Will see what the doctor says when I see her Monday or Tuesday.

thanks for your help, much appreciated


Sorry, should have qualified that. I have had to miss the gym and the running since end of June to a great extent. I got shingles in my mouth which my Dentist thought was due to doing too much and affecting my immune system. From that point thought I should listen to my body so cut back on exercise. It has been too hot to run so just started again last tuesday and started the gym again. Ran this morning - 40 mins or so - plus walking and have had 2 or 3 naps since! But I do love being able to do it!


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