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How do I undestand the French conversion units?

Okay, here I am trying to read the American book Stop the Madness, but I cannot figure out how I compare my thyroid results with the American ranges?

Can anyone help?

For example is my Free T4 is 8.7 in ug/l or pg/l as I cannot make out the unit of measurement? It looks like a p without the curve or line on top?

I am studying the optimal ranges by Dr. Rind but of course...I see the optimal range for Free T4 is 1.2 to 1.3 but what are the units of measurement?

If my Free T4 is 8.7 pg or ug how do I compare?

My brain hurts, please help. I cannot figure out the conversion???

Thanks in advance!!

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Put the figures into google that you want to convert.... and there is also a website called - convertme .com or something like that !


I have been trying that but no luck. The convert me website is about religion..not it. 😰

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I'm guessing you are seeing this character :

It is a micro sign, so I think you are seeing micrograms/litre. This is also sometimes shortened to mcg/L, although it could also show in type as ug/L i.e. an ordinary u instead of a micro sign.

To convert from American units to metric, or metric to American units, is not straightforward. In biochemistry the conversion factor depends on the substance being measured.

Some pages with conversion factors for biochemical substances :


Is what you are seeing as a "p without the curve or line on top" actually µ (Greek letter Mu, which we often type, as you have done, as "u")? In which case it's the same thing. (To type µ, use Alt + 230 on the number key pad.)


Ok, great. I have figured out you both are correct. It is in microgram units so I have to convert it I believe to picomoles pmol-which I believe are the ranges for the US..uft!!!

There must be an easier way???


Yes, there is. Stop it! Why would you want to do that anyway? You live in France. Go by French measurements. If your FT3 is 3 in a range of 3 - 6, it's too low, no matter what the unit. If it's 7 in a range of 3 - 6, then it's too high. If it's somewhere like 4.25, just do it this way :

6 - 3 = 3

divided by 2 (for mid-range) = 1.5

1.5 + 3 = 4.5. Your mid-range on that range is 4.5. If your result is 4.25, then it is too low as it needs to be well over mid-range.

But even that isn't going to tell you if it's 'optimal' because 'optimal' isn't a number - I Don't care what STTM says! It's when you feel well. And if that takes you over-range, then so be it. You need what you need to feel well.

Why do you make life so difficult for yourself??? lol


Okay, okay I get it! I am just trying to REALLY understand how this all works.

Because I know now the doctors won't care about how I feel so I thought and still think I need some type of mathemical or range argument so I can argue intellectually..

I definitely agree it should be based on how you feel. Je, I feel better with the iron and self-medication 100 mg levo even though its early.


Yes, but do you really think the doctors are going to understand and/or care about American numbers and stuff you got out of a book that wasn't written by a doctor?

Most doctors only look at the TSH, anyway. My last doctor wanted to lower my dose when my TSH was at 0.4! Not even below the range, and my T3 was rock bottom. He sat there clucking 'oh dear dear dear we've gone too far! ' I said no we haven't, look at the T3! He only tested the T3 because I insisted. That doesn't matter, he said, it's the TSH that's important. No, it isn't, I said. He didn't even know what T3 was before he met me! So, after a bit of a Barney, with raised voices, he said, OK, have it your way. But on your head be it!!! I said, OK. (smile)

Just stand your ground. He's not going to be impressed by your knowledge, anyway. Just refuse to lower dose if he suggests it, and insist on an increase if you want one. He's not there to dictate, he's there to advise - even in France! lol


Oodles of good sense in your post, greygoose. :)

Can I just point out an easier way to find out the mid-point in a range?

If the range is 3 - 6, then to find the middle, add the top and the bottom numbers in the range together and divide by two.

So, 3 + 6 = 9. Divide by 2 = 4.5 And hey presto! The middle of the range is 4.5.

It always works, no matter what the numbers are. :)

Edit : I could prove it in algebraic notation if you like. ;)


No no! Please! I'll take your word for it! lol Maths was never my subject. I had to have two gos as my maths 'O' level (shows my age!). And when I finally got it, it went to my head and I enrolled for 'A' level. I was totally lost before the end of the first term and had to give it up! lol

But I can see you're right! yay! I'll do it that way from now on. Thank you. :)


The rest of the world tends to use moles (and, of course, picomoles, nanomoles, etc.). The USA tends to use weights (mg, mcg, etc.).

I suppose we have to be thankful they don't use US ounces per quart or gallon.


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