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Hoping for help with blood tests

Hoping for help with blood tests

I would really appreciate some help on these blood test results.

I can see FT3 is way down, but my FT4 looks a bit higher than I would have expected with that FT3 result. Am I wrong on this, or does it possibly indicate a conversion problem?

It looks to me as if my Vitamin D is sub-optimal (it hasn’t shifted at all since the last test in December, despite my taking 3,000iu per day), so I’m temporarily upping my dose. Similarly my iron is a little low, so I’m temporarily upping my supplementation there.

My TG antibodies have come down from c350 a year ago, presumably due to my having adopted a gluten free diet. I supplement B12 daily, hence the high level there.

I’ve been on 50x5 and 75x2 mcg levothyroxine per day; a week ago, after receiving these results, I upped it to 50x3 and 75x4, and have been feeling like death warmed over ever since. Hopefully that’s simply the temporary post-increase worsening that so many people seem to get.

Thanks so much for any help anyone is able to offer.

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Are you on gluten free diet as you have high antibodies?

It might help reduce symptoms, and slowly lower antibodies, along with selenium supplements.

Read on web - The thyroid pharmacist

Or Amy Myers


Thank you, yes, I am gluten free. In fact my antibodies have come down over the past year from c350 to c200, which I think is mainly due to this. I do supplement with selenium, but it's been a case of once every few days due to the cost of taking so many different supplements - I'm now trying to make sure I take it every day.

Thanks for the help!

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