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Help wanted interpreting Blood Results

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Please can anyone tell me what my latest blood test results mean? I am 68 yrs old and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (Grave')s just over a year ago. I am taking 20mg of Carbimazole per day.


TSH 0.61 mU/L 0.35 -3.50

FT4 12 pmoI/L 8 - 21

FT3 4.8 pmoI/L 3.8 - 6.0

How likely is it that I can avoid having Radioactive Iodine treatment? Most of the reports I read about RAI, the people seem to have most of the same symptoms as before, plus new ones & feel a lot worse. I wonder why I would want to subject myself to this treatment.

Thank you

10 Replies
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When were these tests done ? I have read through your previous posts where people have suggested that your anti-bodies must be tested to confirm Graves. Could it be you have Hashimotos ? - again without the anti-bodies being tested it is not possible to know.

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Aylmer in reply to Marz

Thank you. I am seeing an endo privately this week so hopefully will learn more.

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Marz in reply to Aylmer

Without test results for anti-bodies I am not sure you can learn more. Hope all goes well with your appointment ... 😴

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Hi Aylmer,

You have a few questions, so let me see if I can help.

First, do you have a blood work result for TRAb (Graves antibody)? Is that how you were diagnosed with Graves? While your TSH is low, your other numbers do not suggest that you are hyperthyroid at the moment. However there are others on the forum with more experience with interpreting these.

Do you have a goiter or nodules? Have you had a thyroid ultrasound or a nuclear scan for hyperthyroidism? What are your symptoms? Are you taking a beta blocker? Do you have any eye symptoms such as dry eye or protruding eyes?

As you have only been on carbimazole for a year, it is really too early to think about RAI - you may go into remission. Additionally, with respect to RAI - the research suggests it is not advisable for Graves patients because of the possibility of TED - Graves eye disease. There are many people on long term carbimazole who do OK as well. There is also limited research that suggests older women do not do very well with RAI, and younger men tend to do better.

All things thyroid usually move very slowly. No one should rush you into anything until yo have time to see how things will unfold.

If you can provide more information about your condition, we can provide more feedback. Wishing you all the best.

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Aylmer in reply to Greekchick

Thank you. A lot to think about there. See reply to Pennyannie.

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I have had Graves for about 10 years and I have no intention of having my thyroid removed or destroyed. The only reason I would do this is if I had suspected thyroid cancer but up until now I haven't. I have been waiting about 3 weeks now for my thyroid scan which I request every 2 years. Sometimes I feel like taking out private health care but then why should I? I have paid tax and national insurance for over 40 years and I deserve free health care even if it has been hit and miss for the last few years.

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Aylmer in reply to Lora7again

Thank you. You make me hopeful. See reply to Pennyannie.

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Hello again Aylmer

Well it seems to me your blood test now shows you " in range " and would have thought you needed a dose decrease, to see if you can manage on less Carbimazole.

It would also be a good idea to find out if your antibodies have reduced - and there is a possibility if these have dropped back into range, you may have " ridden out " this overactive thyroid phase.

How are you feeling ?

It's important you keep your core strength, your ferritin, folate, B12 and vitamin D optimal as your body clock has been running very fast, and has now slowed down, maybe a little too much, with the anti thyroid drugs, and your metabolism maybe slightly out and your metabolism of food slightly " off " - this in itself causes health issues and for thyroid conversion of any thyroid hormone replacement your vitamins and minerals need to be optimal.

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Aylmer in reply to pennyannie

Thank you Pennyannie, I am so hoping you are right. I have actually thought this maybe so for some time, especially as I have recently put on a stone and am having the devil's own job trying to lose it. As you know from my previous post I have not been happy with my endo, so now have a private appointment with an endo in the next county on Wednesday for a second opinion. Just wanted to know if I was interpreting my results properly. Thank you, will let you know how it goes. X

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Fifteen years or so ago, a friend of mine was the same as you, putting on weight, feeling tired etc. I suggested she speak to her consultant about reducing or stopping her meds. Her meds were stopped and she has been fine ever since then.

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