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Well looks like I'm on my own!

So, since last year when all of this misery kicked off i have

changed GP surgeries once,

seen two endocrinologists,

a gastroenterologist,

a haematologist,

had an iron transfusion costing a LOT of money,

went form 3 months of torture on levothyroxine,

several months faffing on armour

and now settled on 2.5 grains Thiroyd ( from Thailand),

I've learned how to inject myself with vitamin B12,

I've seen a nutritionist and

gone gluten free,

i continue to take vitamin D and K, B12 sublingual ( when needed) biotin, eve primrose oil and folate (when needed)

I've been up and down like a yo yo, but i have met a lovely friend from this site and have been corresponding with her ever since...she has been like a guardian angel! (god bless you darling you know who you are!!!)

its been a miserable journey at times, fighting with the doctors to try and get some aid, some advice or assistance, but with no real help whatsoever...my last lot of BH results stated that my t4 was low and suggested that i may need to adjust my medication...but the doctor at my surgery has told me that my TSH is now normal and they won't re test me until February 2017...!!! ooookkkkaayyyyy....

So here i am self medicating and getting the tests from BH in order to look after myself...

Thing is I'm NOT alone, i have a wealth of experienced people here who i can turn to, and i will continue to up or lower my medication accordingly.

i have an endoscopy on Monday but i very much doubt that will show anything as I've been gluten free for about 9 months now....

i am taking control of my own health care from now on and i will never trust another GP again.

So far i feel better for the iron infusion, my hair does still shed but believe that it will sort itself out once I'm properly medicated....im still getting some palpitations, and my temperature is rising albeit slowly...yay!!!

emotionally i am up and down but i guess thats part of the journey...i get the odd hot flush but i think that may be something to do with adjusting to the rise in medications and menopause...

thing that makes me so angry about the doctor is that they have blamed EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM on the menopause....thing is the menopause is a natural phenomenon and it happens slowly....doctors will pin anything on that.....then try and treat for depression or give HRT....

im glad I'm doing it my way right now because i think those F*c£*rs would have killed me by now

thanks for all of you that have helped me or given advice


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Don't worry about FT4 being low when you're taking NDT. FT4 doesn't need to be high when you're taking T3. Most people on NDT will feel optimally medicated when FT3 is in the upper third of range.


F*c£*rs !!😯😯😯 pharmaceutical companies and the twisted power trippers who own then are the F*c£*rs

Know how you feel x all life we taught the doctor can help. ....B.s.

Be well I'm with you on the journey too xx

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