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Which test??

I had a blood test back in March as I suspected my thyroid was under active. I posted the results on here & was given some advice by grey goose that my TSH was too high & ferritin & B12 too low & that I should get T3 & T4 tested too.

My doctor only ran the tests because I was insistant, she put my symptoms down to the menopause - I'm 43! I still have a feeling that I have an issue with my thyroid.

Im hoping somebody could maybe point me in the direction of which tests would be the best to check my thyroid function & give me a definitive answer.

Ive looked at the Thyroid Check plus 6 on BH that checks these - TSH, FT4, FT3, TT4, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies & Thyroglobulin Antibodies - this looks to be a thorough one but will this give me the info I need?

Many thanks in anticipation


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Yes it will - I see from your last test that B12 and ferritin were tested (and were low) so there's probably no need to pay more and get those tested again yet.

Make sure you do the test as early in the morning as you can and that you can get it into the post the same day. Blue Horizon are usually great - you should have results within a couple of days.


GG is very wise. The Plus 6 would give you the info you need. If you have the anti-bodies, then you have hashi's.

However, I'd recommend the Plus 10, as that will tell you if you are low on the nutrients needed for your thyroid to function properly, and whether your regime for the last 6 months has worked or not.

The plus 12 includes Vit D, but your GP should do this for free, and I think Plus 12 involves finding a vampire, whereas the Plus 10 you can self prick to get a sample.

You should ask GP to rule out thyroid, even if GP is confident you have a menopause problem - there are a lot of overlapping symptoms. However, I understand it is less confrontational to go down the private route.


Just to correct this, the Plus 12 includes reverse T3. It's the Plus Eleven that includes Vitamin D and no vampire needed just stab your finger :)


Thank you for all your advice (I've already typed a reply but it seems to have disappeared!)

I've just booked an appointment with the doc for 15th August (earliest I could get as I go on holiday on Friday), I booked with the intention of asking her to perform the extra tests but not sure she'd agree to this. So I'm thinking of paying for the Thyroid +10 & taking the results with me - does this sound like a good plan?

I'm totally new to this & I've never challenged a doctors opinion before so it's great to have the support here to help me - I can't thank you enough.

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At least you speed things up by having bloods done prior to appt. They turn them around fast, whereas if your doc did agree, you'd then have to wait for nurse appt, and then wait a further week for results.

Taking results with you, means you should receive meds sooner, and hence feel better sooner.

You could ask GP at appt, if she would have agreed to them or not. However, very few GPs manage to get a T3 result, as labs overule docs and refuse to do them.

Hope it goes well, and that you enjoy your hol.

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A good doctor will look at your results a bad one will dismiss them.

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I would go for the plus eleven .......includes vitamin D - a good level (around 100) is essential for thyroxine to work well ........many of us are deficient


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