Switched to ndt Feeling Ill

I switched from 50mcg of Levo and 10mcg of Liothyronine a few months ago to Nature-throid. I have done this without Gp or Endos knowledge. I started on 1/2 grain and got to 1 grain am and 1/2 grain pm and then could raise no higher. Started getting really bad headaches, fatigue and high anxiety. Dropped dose back down and tried to raise slowly again supporting my adrenals with Nutri adrenal and iron Spatone. Now feel terrible still even on a small amount of ndt. Feel like I'm going hyper bit recent bloods showed T3 ok. T4 still low and Tsh suppressed (-15) so pretty suppressed. What can I do? I don't know what to take Levo, T3 or ndt? Even a small amount seems to be making me freak out atm.

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  • MF,

    Have you got optimal iron//nutrients, adequate cortisol and low thyroid antibodies ? .

    NDT isn't always sympathetic to deficiencies, especially the iron and if you have Hashi, too lower a dose can encourage elevated antibodies.

    Hence the .. [.. headaches, fatigue and high anxiety ..] ... and feeling hyper.

    Post any test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.


    Raising NDT



    Iron & NDT


  • Results on 2/6/16 were

    Free T3 4.6

    Free T4 7.3 (low)

    TSH 0.15 (low - very suppressed)

    No ranges on printout

    Thyroid Peroxide Ab 313 (high) (60-100) range

  • this happened to me last year, i was about to increase to 2 and 1/4 grain as TSH was high but my heart would race, i dropped my dose and even 1/4 grain had my heart racing at 150, no matter what i did i felt awful, drs didnt know what to do, all checks in A/E were good

    i did a 24 hour saliva test and my cortisol was sky high at all 4 points

  • Hi writing this from A&E collapsed in the night. All ibs ok now, but banging head and neck ache, high anxiety, tremors. They've taken thyroid bloods but won't get results til later today.

    I have ordered a saliva test kit as past nhs adrenal tests (blood and urine) have been negative.

    Will take weeks for results though. What should I do about taking ndt? What did you do to treat your adrenals? X

  • oh no hope your feeling better soon

    i took holy basil for mine and a very low dose of T3, started at 5mcg a day and slowly increased

    but without knowing where your adrenals are (im in the same situation at he moment, i have the est here just waiting on hubby to get paid so i can do it) im just taking lots of magnesium and vitamin c and sea salt or himalayan salt in water

    wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • How do you manage your thyroid symptoms on such a low dose of T3 alone? I have underachievement/hashimotos and had been on 100mcg of levothyroxine for over 20 years. Then on 50mcg Levo 10mcg liothyronine. Now started on nature-throid.

  • over the weeks i worked up to 62.5mcg

    endo dropped my dose to 40mcg as i was having bad anxiety TSH 0.50

    i went downhill fast and thought my adrenals were out of whack again and lowered my dose again to 20mcg as my heart was racing

    i actually undermedicated myself for quite sometime and now on 47.5mcg and slowly increasing

    still have every symptom in the book except im allways hot now TSH 3 something

    but i have allways been the same im colder than others in the winter and hotter than others in the summer

  • Suggest you get full test done Thyroid plus eleven from BH

    Are you gluten free?

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