Going from T4/T3 combo to NDT

I am currently working on lowering my high morning cortisol, but in the next 3 months I have made the decision to change over to NDT (Nature Throid)

My questions are -

1. As my body is used to some direct T3 (20mcg daily), is it still advisable to start on 1 grain or should I go slightly higher? (Current levo dose 150mcg)

2. If I end up having to self source, what dosage of grain should I buy? It seems a bit faffy to have to order a bottle of 1 grain, bottle of 1.5 grain and so on until I hit my correct dosage. I was wondering if people maybe buy, say 2 grain tablets and split them?

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  • Smotv80,

    As you are already taking 20mcg T3 you could start on 2.5 grains.

    If you buy 2 and 1 grain doses you can halve/quarter the 1 grain doses to tweak your doses.

  • Wow, I wasn't expecting that! Thank you 😊

    Should I stop the T3 when I start NDT?

    Or maybe half the dose to 10mcg?

  • Smotv80,

    Sorry, I didn't factor in the 20mcg T3 + 150mcg T4. You can start on 3.25 grains. Drop the 20mcg T3 because there is 29.25mcg T3 in 3.25 grains.

  • Agree with Clutter re dosages. Note however you will get some side effects, things that people who started on lesser doses of NDT would have eased into. You may feel light headed for an hour after taking NDT. Slight tingles in the hands, feet, urine smells slightly different. You will get a sight tremor or slight twitches when your dose is about right, your temp will be good 36.5-36.7 deg C. If you get heart pounding you have gone too far. I split my dose in 3 x 1 grain (morning noon and night). I find it gives me sustained energy and lessens light headed feel. Also take .5 grain extra on a really cold or windy days or if you play sport. The main thing is to learn what you feel like when low or high, you need to be able to recognize when you are going hyper. Like any thyroid medication, the stuff builds up in your tissues, so over 3-4 days, if you take .5 grains too much you will end up hyper. If it happens - drop 1-2 grains out for the day and then start again on you normal dose the following day. I take my NDT any time with and without food. You get a better kick without food, but if you want to eat just take and extra .5 grains to make up for the malabsorption. My best combo is take 1 grain, wait 40 minutes then eat a banana, then hit the pool, easily knock a couple of minutes of my 1km time. I personally love the stuff and would never go back.

    Best of luck J

  • Brilliant thanks James 😊

  • Do you find you always need a half a grain every time you exercise? How often do you do this?

    When you start to go hyper do your muscles feel weak? I'm still trying to understand my symptoms. I don't have enough iron to raise my NDT to were it needs to be.

  • Hi Wolfi

    Yes I add .5 grain 1 hour before exercise. Particularly if I'm doing something where it's windy and cold like sailing.

    For me early Hyper symptoms are tingly lips, feet, crawling scalp, then if I ignore it long enough I get pounding heart.

    I messed around with Iron, B, D, Iodine, K2, and none really helped. (Mega Magnesium stops the NDT newbie head ache). What allowed me to raise was using testosterone cream (1ml ANDROFORTE-5 per day). For a woman I'd get your testosterone, estrogen and progesterone levels checked. You want to be in the upper percentiles for you age and sex. Don't accept "you are within range" statements from your GP, and keep all test result for ongoing comparison.

  • James, do you buy 3 grain tabs and split them?

  • I buy 100x 60's each month and 100x30's every 3 months

  • 60's and 30's?

  • 60 = 1 grain

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