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Starting NDT - combining with Levo ?

Hi All

I have been given the 'green light' to try NDT. Despite several attempts I have been unable to raise Levo even slightly without getting hyper symptoms . I currently tolerate 87.5 Wockhardt Levo per day.

The recommended regime is as follows:

am: 50 mcg Levo + 1 /4 grain NatureThyroid

after lunch 1/4 NT

I am finding this slightly confusing as have been told 'if I get hypo symptoms, reduce the Levo' and 'if I get hyper symptoms, reduce the NT'.

Iam tempted to try 3/4 grain NT (split daily dose), WITHOUT the Levo, and then add it in if necessary.

I have tolerated small doses of T3 in the past. My adrenals are supported and all my vits and minerals are in the right places!

Most recent bloods prior to above:

FT4 19.6

FT3 4.5

TSH 0.69

(I would add that I was hoping to get 5mcg Lio to add to T4 so this NDT is all new to me)

Would be grateful for any comments or if anyone else has taken the NDT and Levo together ?

Thank you

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Well synthetic meds apparantly have free hormones in them whilst ndt has bound hormones in. Will add a link explaining this as soon as i can find it... So the two donT work the same and I have found no need to multidose the ndt. I take 3 grains in one go, last thing at night.

My opinion is that you know the levothyroxine and the T3 synthetics donT work for you. I Wouldnt bother trying to combine two completely different meds..... Just start the ndt and go up on the dose very slowly.

good luck!



Here is the link.....



many many thanks G for the link and comments. Did you stop Levo and immediately start NDT on a 'comparable dose'?


I would do as Galathea suggests. We've usually 'been there' 'done that'. Doctors don't have much idea and we need T3 to saturate all our receptor cells, not just a few, as it is T3 and conversion from the T4 in NDT which should make us well.

Taking one daily dose is more convenient and we can have a life instead of being ruled by splitting medication. NDT was first used in 1892 and has been in use since then although the pharmaceutical companies have been pushing levo since the late 50's early 60's and persuaded the Endocrinology Depts it is superior but isn't.

A scientist wrote the following and despite 3 yearly reminders neither the British Thyroid Association or RCoP responded.


No.. Bad idea. I stopped levo, then started on 1 grain as i was already used to t3.... I then upped my dose by half a grain every few weeks.

Xx g


Even one grain of NDT would not be much more than your 88 of Levo. You could conservatively try the 3/4 grain and see if the FT3 affects you.


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